Saturday, August 11, 2012

Adding To Stash.

A week or so ago, l went out for some retail therapy with a friend and purchased some yellow fabric because l was weak weak weak. I know l should have been stronger but l couldn't help myself. lol.  Not knowing why or what l was every going to do with more fabric and a colour l had never thought about before. YELLOW.  Well whilst l was out buying those pink pompoms for the bag l made, l saw more and just had to have it just in case l came up with an idea. I also purchased 2 meters for a boarder. ????   Came home and played with the fabric for a while.  May have found an idea using the apple core template OR a stack and slash.  I always need another UFO l obviously don't have enough.

The purple and grayish black fabric will hopefully be transformed into a banner for my sewing room.  Help! help!  l 'm drowning in fabric. LOL.

Need more hours in my day, l think we should have at least 26 hours, two hours a night to catch up on all those sewing projects we have floating around in our heads.


  1. Naughty girl!!!
    Its only a bargain if you need it LOL
    Iam addicted to fabric myself

  2. Sometimes it's good for you to be weak! he he he!

  3. Nah! go for it girl. The two extra hours should be for sleeping then we can use the normal 6-8 for quilting.

  4. Yellow and Black are a colour combination I would not have thought of but they certainly look great. I will watch with interest what you do with the fabrics.