Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chicken Coop

Now sit back whilst l explain our Chicken hutch journey.  The trade off with one Child for our move out of Melbourne was he want to have Chickens because he would like to become a poultry farmer.  Not that much call for this in the suburbs of Melbourne.  So it was agreed.  It has taken us nearly two years but he has finally got his chicken hutch. He intends to move to Gatton to complete agriculture at the Uni there. " I say good on him to follow his dream."

Any way we spend numerous hours searching the internet for back yard  hutches in our local area, because we like to support locals first. Finally bought one on ebay which of course came from Melbourne. Ha Ha!  After a week one parcel arrived that was great but we only had half a hutch, we contacted Australia  Post and two days later the other parcel found and delivered .

Now they could start construction. It was decided that the coop needed a nesting box added. Which was a great father son experience, both chatting over the dinner table as to how this should be done.  Much talk about adding a ceiling fan and insulation which exasperated my no 4 son, thinking this is never going to be completed. So l suggested a nice sofa and curtains for the chickens also. He he he! Once completed a spot in the backyard had to be found that would not interfere with the neighbours. They say that they can be bribed, with eggs of course.

We searched once again the internet for chickens for sale in the local area and research many different breeds of chickens. Unbelievable how many there are.  We ended up at a local poultry farm where they were more than happy to sell us two beautiful girls, ready to lay. We are not disappointed this morning with our very first egg. No.4 son will be pleased when he arrives home from school this afternoon.  As we were not expecting one so soon. After the girls settle in for a few days they will be allowed out to roam the backyard.


  1. what a lovely post Maddy.xx

  2. It is so nice to have your own fresh eggs
    Thats one state of the art hutch

  3. how excellent ... home grown eggs ... i do miss that ... very cute little house they have too ...