Friday, June 29, 2012

Santa Sack Swap Arrived.

My Santa Sack arrived a few moments ago, you all are the second ones to know after my partner of course. Will post pictures in the morning when l can take good ones with better light.  So very very exciting...... makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.  Now the torture starts not being able to peek. Have tied the  sack up tightly so l will not be tempted.  Children and Hubby are keeping a close eye on me........ they know it will a struggle, me being so nosy ......  they will continue to tease me on what treasures may be in there. lol.
Big thank you to Illene of retdairyqueen for such a lovely Santa Sack, it's very big which can only mean there are lots of fantastic gifts on there way to fill my sack.


  1. No Peeking You behave
    Early start to Christmas
    Can't wait for mine So exciting

  2. lol,you are funny Maddie.xx

  3. oh I would just bite the bullet and open them ... I cannot leave pressies unopened .... no way ... haha ...

    but I am very norti ...