Friday, June 29, 2012

Beautiful Day.

Had a couple of visitors today. Their partners where hiding in the bushes,.  Was not easy trying to capture these two on film so to speak, as they kept moving. 

 My veggie patch is growing very well now that we have added so much soil improver and feeding the plants every fortnight. I have Cauliflowers, Snow peas, Sugar Snap peas which are delicious, Rhubarb my children's favorite.  The Corn, Zucchini, Capsicums and Chilli's are growing slowly and l even have Tomatoes flowering, strange. They will be put into a small glass house to keep the frost and fruit fly away.  Strawberries are planted ready for this years crop.  Pansy are in full bloom making a lovely display of deep purple. Very happy with how things are going in the veggie patch now.


  1. Your vegies are doing well! I have tried to photograph the wrens around here and they are way too quick for me too. They are great to sit and watch through the window.

  2. Your garden is looking good
    Well done with the bird photos
    So hard to photograph the little wrens
    Last year we had a pair who kept tapping on our window Gave us hours of entertainment

  3. Your vegie patch is looking great Maddy. Mine's just a garden of weeds at the moment!

  4. such pretty visitors you have Maddy .. your garden must be very inviting for them to come ... we get nothing here ...

    love the vege patch ... it is coming along soooo great ...

  5. Sounds like my idea of a wonderful day too.