Friday, June 29, 2012

Beautiful Day.

Had a couple of visitors today. Their partners where hiding in the bushes,.  Was not easy trying to capture these two on film so to speak, as they kept moving. 

 My veggie patch is growing very well now that we have added so much soil improver and feeding the plants every fortnight. I have Cauliflowers, Snow peas, Sugar Snap peas which are delicious, Rhubarb my children's favorite.  The Corn, Zucchini, Capsicums and Chilli's are growing slowly and l even have Tomatoes flowering, strange. They will be put into a small glass house to keep the frost and fruit fly away.  Strawberries are planted ready for this years crop.  Pansy are in full bloom making a lovely display of deep purple. Very happy with how things are going in the veggie patch now.

Santa Sack Swap Arrived.

My Santa Sack arrived a few moments ago, you all are the second ones to know after my partner of course. Will post pictures in the morning when l can take good ones with better light.  So very very exciting...... makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.  Now the torture starts not being able to peek. Have tied the  sack up tightly so l will not be tempted.  Children and Hubby are keeping a close eye on me........ they know it will a struggle, me being so nosy ......  they will continue to tease me on what treasures may be in there. lol.
Big thank you to Illene of retdairyqueen for such a lovely Santa Sack, it's very big which can only mean there are lots of fantastic gifts on there way to fill my sack.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What have l been doing??

Well l have been busy thinking up new ideas for the Christmas swap. So many ideas flowing through this sift l call a brain. Should write them down or draw a pretty picture at least.   Or do l stick to the tried and true never fail ideas.  Looking through the old mags /books fate ideas.  Glad the school hols are here so l don't have to stop for the school drop off/pick up.  Sending off the first parcel on Thursday all wrapped up. Hope my partner Illene is tempted but does not peek.  Do all the gifts have to have a Christmas theme?

Still have many boxes to unpack in my sewing room as cannot find everything.  Have purchases in my walk in robe l need to take out to the new studio. Need to keep all UFO's together.  A place to store my templates, threads, lace, ribbons the list just goes on. Hope l have enough room still need to get my cutting table in, spare iron for all that pressing.  Some where to hang those quilts and wall space for pictures etc.  Also need to make curtains for the windows, cushion for my rocker.  So l can sit and read my Mags in the library corner.  I am exhausted.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Unpacking Sewing Room.

Starting to move things into sewing room.  Purchased three book case units for storage.  As you can see have started to unpack boxes with plenty more to still be unpacked.  Fabric will stay in tubs for now.  Finding all my UFO's and notions l had forgotten about. I am sure there will be lots more tweaking to be had before l will settle down.
Still waiting on electrician to install power to room but where there is a will of course there is a way......very long extension cord. lol.   Lucky it is not raining.

As l am in the Santa Sack Swap being hosted by Cheryll from Gone Stitchin'   I have made my sack for my partner.....first item to be sewn in my new space.  Its all hush hush for now, so shhhhhh. All will be revealed after it has been posted.