Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ruffle Yarn Scarves.

 Well l have been busy these last few days knitting up scarves for the Melbourne Girl,s to keep warm over the winter months. As always made a few extra along the way for family and friends plus sons girl friend and sister.  Don't mind really it is nice to be appreciated.  They are all made from the new Ruffle Yarns in the stores at the moment.  These scarves on the right are made from a yarn called ELICIA  found in Lincraft.  The ones underneath are made form the yarn called ELSA they have a lovely little pom-pom on the ruffle, have one more to complete.

The ones  above were made from another ruffle yarn called ELECTRA also from Lincraft. You only need one ball to make up a scarf.  The ELICIA yarn come in 150g ball producing a longer scarf. The others all come in 100g balls.

The yarn on the left is from Sams Warehouse and is a larger loop yarn and is perfect for Cairns climate.  My sister is going to love this one, it is in her colors. I have now made thirteen scarves only ten in photo.
Pink, Blue, Green, Aqua ,White and Black&White have already been claimed. Was fun to make only took me about 1hour each to make.  Great to do whilst watching television.


  1. Wow Maddy lots of beautiful colour scarfs here and i am amazed that you knit one in an hour it takes me about 4hrs,lol,well done.xx

  2. What a gorgeous bundle of scarves.

  3. I love that ruffle yarn! I wonder if I can get it in Canada...illmhave to keep an eye out! Beautiful knitting!