Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On the Village Green.

Went to the Girls In Stitches Day on Sunday, held at the Village Green in Highfields just 20 mins out of Toowoomba.  Absolutely fabulous weather for a fantastic day of stitching.  Arrived early giving  me the opportunity to take photographs with out disrupting  anyone else. Walked in to this very pretty girly marquee complete with two crystal chandelier.

 Small sample of work of  Nikki Tervo  from Brandy Gully, marvelous stitchery's and patterns plus her beautiful buttons which she is more well known.

The day was relaxed fun and as you can imagine at times full of laughter and chatter. When you go to these events you meet a wide range of ladies. You never know when you strike up a conversation with the person next to you that you may have just made a new and lasting friendship.

One challenge for the day was each table had to have a name, there were some real tongue twisters.  Another challenge was to decorate a shoe, so we pooled together what we had and started to construct.

Some made flowers out of the serviettes and added beads, to this motor cycle boot. Others added buttons, ribbons, broaches, flowers out of the garden and off the table.  It was a complete stress-less day and much enjoyment was had.

When l think of Village Green l have this picture form in my head of Mid Sommer,  well it is nothing like it.


  1. Wow what a wonderful setup for stitcheries a great display, it almost looks like a wedding setting! you really look like you had fun, love the shoe did you win?

  2. It really is a great set up very girly and we were pampered. We had a beautiful warm lunch served at our tables. It is like a wedding, of like minded women enjoy a day out with new friendships formed. We were not lucky enough to win but it was great fun.

  3. WOW what a wonderful setup for sure. I love all the pretties. Hugs