Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day Dinner.

 This is what is on the menu for our Valentines Family Dinner.  Roast pork with apple, raisin stuffing, horseradish & garlic gravy.  With roast potatoes, pumpkin and steamed broccoli.  Recipe from the Coles Christmas magazine 2010 edition.

Homemade Cassata ice cream always the children's favorite.      Recipe from the Australian women's weekly Home Library Italian cooking class.

Lemon curd tarts recipe from the Coles magazine again.  As l had six egg yolks left over from the pavlova  l made two nights ago.

What would be Valentine's Day without a heart or two.  Shortbread biscuits decorated with mashmellows and jaffas. Made by my No.2 son.

Going to really need a good work out after this meal.

Thank goodness son's girl friend is coming over to dinner to save me from eating too much.

Great success!!

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