Saturday, February 11, 2012


 Memories are funny remember people, situations from your past in a different light.... as years go by.

I was looking though my recipe books looking for a certain cake l wanted to make. (A simple tea cake).  When out of it's pages fell this little picture my DS2 drew.  An" idea" came to me, l would make this into a recipe book cover for my Mother for Christmas this year. So she could collate her favorite Christmas recipes and hand them down after she is no longer with us. ( Which hopefully will not be for a long time yet).  I went off to Officeworks to have the original enlarged as l was not sure how l would tackle this project.   So l have decide to make my mother a wall hanging also.

My sister Wanda past away in 2009 from the big "C". She was only 52yrs old.
She had a hard life after marring young and having two children a pigeon pair, her marriage broke down, after postnatal depression, nervous break down  turned into schizophrenia, for many years, a treatment on medication and  shock treatments.  Then after she finial come off her medication the big "C" came along with all its treatments.  Makes me very emotional just thinking about a life lost.

As a young girl growing up she was a bit of a Tom boy.  Full of mischief , fun and a great sister to have on your side. Always there to lend a helping hand if needed.  As the years past on into high school she showed her talents with sewing , music and drawing.
This is when she drew this picture for my cookery class.   Each year l made a Christmas cake for the family and this year l had chosen to do something a little different.  Hence the sketch was drawn onto the cake. I was so excited for getting full marks for having an original idea.  Thanks to my sisters help!

Now the same sketch will be used again, keeping her in our thoughts always.  These are the memories we leave behind for our loved ones.  It was great to be able to remember Wanda as l stitched this small project together and will not be the last time l will be struck by memories.


  1. That is such a lovely idea Maddy. It will be so special for your mum.

  2. Memories are wonderful, and to preserve the memory of your sister that way is simply special.

  3. What a beautiful memory you have of your sister ... and preserving it in a stitchery is a wonderful idea .. and you could write the story on the back of the recipe book cover .. that way it will never be lost in time ...

    1. Thank you Bobbie, What a wonderful & lovely idea!