Saturday, November 19, 2011

Graduation & Formal

That time of  life when the young get to dress up and head off for some long needed fun!  Before settling down into the world of work and further education. How the grow from that tiny little bundle you first bring home from hospital, into young adults. My second son heading off to his formal with his lovely friend. They look wonderful.

 Whilst the Gold Coast is filling up with our youth from all over Oz most here in Queensland are taking a more relaxed approach to the end of year events.  Going on overseas trips or to the Whitsunday.
 Schools over Queensland had specially arrange trips to the theme parks with their friends.  Most saying there is no need to go to drunk'n beach parties. More power to them.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Laundry Pictures Wall Hanging.

Time out for some fun!

Purchased this fabric at the Brisbane Quilt and Craft Show. As soon as l saw the fabric l new what project l had in mind.  To me the fabric looked like Soap Suds flying around just perfect for the Laundry or Bath room wall.  I went to the local Sams warehouse and got myself some canvases. All l needed to do was cover the canvases with the fabric of choice. Fast easy and very affective.   Will be trying another project soon for the bedroom wall as a behead.

Friday, November 11, 2011

More bags.

 Ruler cover is a great idea for that different Birthday or Christmas gift. Fantastic way of protecting you purchased and expensive  rulers. Makes taking them to classes safer also. Fits ruler 24 x 61/2" inch with extra pocket inside to also fit your 6 x 6"inch rule 5 x 5 0r 4 x 4' inch rulers.

The Casserole carrier is always a gift that is appreciated for those dinner parties.  Keeps you food safe whilst travelling in the car.
Special gift for a lucky girl, who happens to be going out with one of my gawjus sons.  I had to go out and purchase more fabric, poor me.  This is not a colour l feel comfortable with but l think it will be fine.

Update : I have now made (6) that's right six of these bags, think l will have to make the pattern into a template as it is getting a very good work out. lol.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Three Bags Made For Christmas.

 These are the Three Amy Butler bags which l have completed for my three beautiful Brisbane nieces for Christmas this year.   Each will have her own beach /overnight bag.

 This first one is for the youngest it is pretty and girlie without being over the top. Fabric was purchased at The Quilters Angel out in Highfields North of Toowoomba and suits her personality.

 The next one is for the middle child, as you may be able to tell by the fabric she is a little bit out there. Full of dickens and great to be around.

The Third is for the eldest who leads and works hard, but has control and  maturity.   Am excited to see their  faces on the day l hand them over.

May need to make a fourth one as number one nephew is returning from New Zealand with family in tow.  I think new niece in-law deserves one also.

The fabric for this bag was purchased at Spotlight Toowoomba.  Is perfect for this lovely young lady.

Have been asked by #2 son to make one for girl friend also.  I think l can manage that quite easily. She is a lovely young woman,  just starting  out in her career in  nursing.  They grow up so quick.......