Monday, August 22, 2011

1,600 Quilt

 The girls at a resent retreat were all having ago at making this very quick and easy Quilt. It is called the 1,600 Quilt because it measure 1,600 inches when you join the 40 x 2.5 pieces together, best using a Jelly Roll as you get 40 different fabric selections.  I used a Bali Pop which has repeat fabric.
 This is not a problem for what l will eventually do with mine. I am going to use my quilt as a background fabric and appliqué over top. I will post upon completing.

 The idea is to sew all fabric together end to end then bring both ends together removing, 18 inches from one end. Then sewing down the long edge to the end. I found if you pressed the seams as you go it made the quilt a lot easier to handle. Repeat approx 5 times. Was very quick to do, so if you need a quilt in a hurry this could be the one for you. Very happy with the way it has turned out.

Once you arrive at the size you are happy with you just add your boarders, then quilt to your heart is content.

 You may like to view a YouTube video on the North of the Yarra Quilters site which is one of the blogs l follow.


Here are my latest purchases. It is just the beginning, in a long line of new changes.  New lounge in brown so they will be just the thing to jazz it up.  Looking for  Large Bright Green Glass Vases to be place on side tables.  Any ideas of where l should start looking for such items?

Spring Has Arrived In Toowoomba

Well it is showing signs of an early spring here in Toowoomba the flowers are starting to show themselves.  My little Orchid was flowering when l arrive home from my trip.  Almost had forgotten what colour it was.  Planning on a lot more gardening this year. I know l say this every year.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back from Melbourne

 Firstly l booked my trip to Melbourne around the North Of  The Yarra Quilters annual retreat, which is held out at Myrniong on Lake Dewar.  Great accommodation, food and company.  We are always spoilt with great welcoming gifts made by members who give up their time to make something special each year.  Thank You Kris, Jackie, Dianne, Margaret,  Julie another wonderful weekend away.

My good friend Jennifer picked me up from my Mothers home and took me via  Gayle B's shops. We would frequent this shop often once upon a time.  I was able to purchase items l have not been able to find here where l live.  The apple core and Dresden template l have been searching the net for.   Also l  purchased 3 Bali Pops, one l will use to make the 1600 quilt, thanks  Dianne.
We met up with the group for lunch at Rivers garden Centre in Yarrambat, than continued on to the retreat via  Ballan  Quilt store.  Beautiful fabrics and tea house.
 Being a full member l was also given my quoter of  raffle tickets to sell, for their bi annual quilt show held at the Eltham Community Centre, 801 Main Rd, Eltham. Sat 8th & Sun 9th  October 2011. Melways Ref: 21 J6. Check out their website for further details.  Well worth a look if you are in the area.

Also belonging to the Toowoomba Quilters l received tickets for their annual quilt show raffle. Both quilts are well worth purchasing a ticket or two.  Which l will certainly be doing. The  Toowoomba Quilt show is held at The Solo Centre, St Ursula's College, Rome street, Toowoomba.  Saturday 17th September 2011, for the week of the garden carnival..

On the retreat l manage to do this little wall hanging stitchery. A great deal of laughter, chatting and catching up with old friends.  Because l didn't take a great deal of work with me others found me plenty to do.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Saturday Drive

 Went for a drive on Saturday to view a property out at Crow's Nest. Thinking of a weekender for the boys to ride there bikes to their hearts content, alas it was not for us.  So we decided not to waste the trip, took the scenic route home.  Past Lake Perseverance, Lake Crestbrook both had plenty of water.  We were told by agent this is where people go boating, fishing and camping over the school breaks. Will have to find out more about......

 Continued to Ravensbourne where we came across this lovely picnic area.  Gus Beutels Lookout absolutely magnificent views.  Your see 180 degrees from Cunningham's Gap around to Esk and beyond.

Love these big old trees,  their branches reach out and give you a lot of shade coverage. They are huge in size and width. The root system is always so intriguing. Perfect place to spend a glorious Summers day with young children in this park like setting.