Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hat block

That's right l have made this block for the Country Cottage Garden Quilt.
Now l have all my blocks for the centre of the quilt.  Lots more sewing to do.  Boarded by 2 1/2 inch blocks, add lots & lots of appliqué.  Then another boarder of more 2 1/2 inch blocks then a  1 1/2 inch plain colour boarder followed by finial boarder of 4inch floral print fabric.  Should take me a while so NO new projects until this one is finished.  LOL  Famous last words.  Well maybe small ones.

Country Cottage Garden Quilt.

I started this quilt back in 2007 it was in Patchwork & Quilting Vol 16. No 1.  The quilt project was called Peaches & Cream by Therese Hylton's from the Patchwork Pumpkin in Frankston Vic. As with most things l do lately l have changed two blocks,  one being the hexagon block before you and the other will be revealed once l know myself.  LOL.

This quilt is being  hand pieced and machine quilted. Was packed away for the move and now l can sit and sew by the TV at night or down at the block. Either way l can start to see light at the end of this four year tunnel.  Makes up to be a quilt finished size 174cm x 215cm (68 1/2in  X 84 1/2 in).

Butterfly Bag

This is my version of the flutter-by bag by Val Laird in the Homemade magazine (Bags for all occasions).  Mine is not as sweet and pretty as Val's.  But it is going to a young lady who loves purples. It will however become more sparkly, with  sequencings.  I shall also add two large pockets to the inside of the bag.  For her little treasures.  Will update when completed.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Holidays.

Was time out to enjoy ourselves for a couple of days.  Once again we were invited to DH Sister's farm for a bit of  old fashioned fun.  Not a computer in sight.  Toasting Marshmallows, fishing, swimming, hand piecing blocks, playing cricket, riding bikes (motor) watching the sun set.  Was postcard perfect, wish this could be our everyday!  Our day will come, l am sure.

13th Australian Cadet Unit.

 Proud of are youth here in Toowoomba. They not only showed their support in both services, Dawn and 9am but the scouts where also in full force all over the Toowoomba region.

We are so very proud of our youngest, standing up for what he truly believes.  A very proud Australian, who is excited about his part in the future of his Country, and it's boarders.   He took the time not only to watch but take part in the services here in Toowoomba.     Lest We Forget.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Lots of Ruffles.

Have you guessed, what l was up too?

I purchased the pattern  at the Quilters Angel sometime ago.   But as my machine was still packed away, l did not get a start on this project which l have been wanting to make for a while.  Fabric was purchased at Spotlight. As my fabric is still in boxes ????

If you were to go back into my old posting you would surely guess. But that was so long ago.
YES!! you are right, this is the frilly dilly bag,  from the Janelle Wind collection.
The only thing l am not really happy about is that it is already a bit weighty, before you start to put your bits in.  Maybe if the ruffles were made from sheer fabric it would be better. But l love it just the same.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kookaburra Christmas.

As most of you would have read on an earlier post, l had received a gift voucher for a KK gift for 2010.
Which was redeemed at the Country Quilts store in North Ipswich.  One of the purchases was this red work design from embroideroo " Kookaburra Christmas" designed by Sandi Butler.  As l am a beginner, l thought it would be appropriate.  As you can see l have not yet completed this project but it will not belong before l do.  Searching out my red fabrics packed away in a box for the move to QLD,  to easy to purchase more fabric, but this year trying to use up stash first.  Have enjoyed the journey so far. Looking for a local frame shop to have the finish product framed and ready for hanging come Christmas 2011.  Would like to be organized this year.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Handmade Christmas Ornament.

 Handmade quilted fabric ornaments. Watching You Tube quilting tutorials and came across this video showing how to make this lovely little ornament.  l have plenty of scraps to play with, decided to put my time to good use, whilst watching television.

Think it looks really pretty in pink.  Think the photos came out really great too.
Will make a few more in a variety of colour combos. Easy and quick to make, great for a small special Christmas gift.