Monday, January 31, 2011

Time to smell the Roses.

Look how beautiful & healthy my rose is thanks to the recent rain and placement in the garden.
 Well l am all blogged out at the moment, have blogged 8 times in the last 24hrs  time to stop and smell the rose and read a book or three.  I'm off to the world of Yeehaa Cowboy.

House of 1000 clocks

 Here we are at the House Of 1000 clocks, as the Boys try to count the clocks to prove the owner wrong and become bored when they notice the sweet shop next door, Hubby and l take in the beautiful clocks.
 This was one for the kitchen, saw ones for outdoors for the alfresco area also.
You will find The House of 1000 on the New England highway 10k outside of Highfields heading  North.

To Market

 We had a very busy Sunday  went to a couple of  Framers Markets.  Listened to music as we ate our lunch.  Had a short dance just enough to embrass the children then continued our search for a bargain.
 Found this very comfortable hand made outdoor seats. Hubby tested it out whilst l checked out the hat stand. Thought we might just have to put an order in for one of the outdoor arrangements.
 As the market came to a close about 1pm we move off and continued our drive to Crow's Nest.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Crow's Nest

 Busy day with everywhere we went and to come home and blog about it.
 Lots of treasures found, in Antique store in Crow's Nest.
 Lovely colours amongst all this glassware. Talk about op shop find. At a much higher price tag of course.

Looking for Weekender

 Don't want to have to travel to far to have a Weekender.
 Found a property which may suit out near Cooby Dam. Needs work on drive and to try and snake proof it in some small way. As it does not look as if anyone has used it for awhile. Drive will need to be graded.
May need a 4WD to  take boat down and back to the water. The house in on top of a hill so no worries about floods in future.  The boys can ride there bikes and go shooting with out a care.  The road into the property had recently been repaired.

Australia Day

Still playing catch up. These pictures were taken on Australia Day 2011 at Picnic Point Toowoomba.
 Great to see  the young taking part in the celebrations.
Up goes the flag.
 Music was played for the crowds.
 Isn't this one  real cute all decked out for the day.
Was a great Day of celebrations.  We only stayed for the morning then returned home to celebrate with family from Brisbane.

Quilts donated.

These are the quilts l am sending off for quilting,  so they can go to someone in need.  Found them in my UFO's quilt tops. 
 Purple violets, love the fabric and pattern.  Hope it brings someone comfort.
Thought this might be suitable for a male.

 First quilt l made in a class at Kate's Sewing Centre in Melbourne.  Now it can find a new home.

Catching up on the news.

About  two weeks or so ago the ridge road was opened for traffic, it was slow going because of rock slides etc.  Up one lane then down same lane, ten cars at a time behind an escort car.  Last week it is still only partly open only one side of the highway is open it will take sometime  to get back to "normal".

 Looking East down the Ridge.
Looking towards the west over Toowoomba.

What's growing in my garden.

Thought l would catch up on my news.  Have been trying our hand at gardening in pots since we cannot make a veggie patch here in this rental.  Looking so forward to growing our own veggie and fruit again.
 Here are our Capsicum seedlings, self sown.  Read about re-using old toilet roll holders to grow your seeds in and then you can re-plant the whole thing into the ground once the seedlings have taken. The cardboard then breaks down and helps to feed the plant as it does, plus holds the moisture in the soil. With the cost of Fruit & Veg going up it seems like good idea.
 Very happy with my Radishes, have been full of flavour and the boys like then too.  Adds that extra something to a salad.

 Snow peas who does not like these.  Great in stir-fry's, salads if l can stop the boys eating them of the vine.

 Strawberries have been ripening and we have had quite a few in our ice cream.  Yummy.
Hoping to have some success with the Watermelon  it has been about 8 weeks, it is only starting to flower now.   Going to try and grow a lemon tree in a very large pot. Any helpful hints.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Return to school rush.

Today we are heading off to a meeting with the local high school to enroll our three children. Tried to do this back in November before school finished for 2010, but the person in charge was away on holidays.  Meaning we had to wait and see as we are in their catchment area.  We did not waste time, sort out other schools in the Toowoomba area on our side of town, 5 in total.  To find that all were booked out in the year levels needed.

It was interesting that we could not get information when we were in Melbourne, about schools in the area even after DH rang the Department of Education of Queensland and was switched though to the Department of Roads. Maybe alarm bells should have started to ring then.

Wasn't  the Prime Minister  the Minister in charge of Education? Why is it that  there is not an Australian wide curriculum, so that everyone is on the same page. This may mean sending one of  our children back to Melbourne to finish his schooling to obtain a better than average education.  Hopefully this will not have to happen. We will see what Queensland has to offer in about an hour.  One very annoyed and frustrated  parent.

Then it will be off to purchase any books and uniforms.

Good news we have uniforms and books organized, still trying to work out classes. Two out of the three boys my have to go to TAFE to complete their chosen career paths.

The Australian Way/ Toowoomba Quilters Guild

Firstly l went to my first meeting with the Toowoomba Quilters Guild in Jellicoe St. Toowoomba on Tuesday.  Met with a lovely welcoming group of women whom have open their hearts to the plight of the flood survivors.  Making quilts and bags of goodies for other quilters whom may have lost all their sewing supplies and  for the communities affected as many other groups all over Australia are also contributing.  They are also holding a morning tea to raise funds towards the relief fund/Australia Day celebrations.  What it means to be an Australian a Proud Nation of  Mateship & helping others when they need it most. Photos to follow.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stay Safe

Hello out there in Blog Land.
After all these terrible stories and events unfolding around the Country, keep yourself and family safe, stay alert at all times.  Our prayers go out to everyone caught up in the drama.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Amy Bulter Bag Pattern

Went for a nice drive through the rain yesterday, with hubby to the Quilters Angel.  Needed to get out of the house, being stuck inside for this long is making me stir crazy.  Decided to buy this pattern and fabric to brighten up my spirit, but still have no where to set up my machine. Might have to make the family eat at the breakfast bar, as l do not like to pack away until l finish all my sewing. We always sit down together to eat and we would not be able to do that.  So l am trying to wait patiently.  When they go away for a weekend after all this rain stops maybe l can get some sewing done.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Was inspired by your beautiful blogs today and thought l would try my hand at drawing..
 Gum Tree leaf on a branch, added a couple of nuts and wattle type flowers. Hope you can make it all out. Need more practice.

 Might take up drawing lessons, this year. Don't think l did too badly.  You never know what you can do if you put a pencil in your hand and start. Faces out of a book.
 Doodling flowers for a girl friends present, later in the year.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Day 2011

 Spillway at Wivenhoe Dam between Esk & Fernvale. Letting out  massive amounts of water.  The spray that was coming off the water was unbelievable.
 Water heading down to the Brisbane river. Cannot tell in photo but it moves very fast.
 Photo of sister-in-laws block somewhere between Esk & Fernvale. On the Wivenhoe dams edge. Beautiful place to rest and relax from the stresses of day to day life.  The dam is so full with even letting the water out at such a fast rate it is 300metres into their property past the fence line.
 Go for a paddle or a fish, just relax letting the water rock you to sleep whilst reading a book. Great time did not even see or here the boys.
 Found these Green tree frogs out side our bedroom window.  They were having a great conversation I'm sure. But the did quieten down about 1am.
 Now these frogs our for my friend Libster.  This was the boys first encounter with a Cane Toad.  They found is quite ugly, their cousins found it amusing, that they had never seen one before.
 The boys even got to try out the bikes on the property. With Sean ending up at the Esk Hospital with a dislocated elbow. After falling off the bike he was riding,  Only doing 30ks because he does not enjoy outdoor sports rather be on the computer. Only needs to wear a sling for two weeks to rest it up.  He had put his arm back into place himself. Gave it a go and says it is not for him.  The Hospital staff were fantastic. Big tick.