Friday, December 9, 2011

On the Home Front

 Didn't think it would happen, not at least before Christmas, things were looking doubtful.  Especially when the rain come and stayed for two days straight.

But early this morning before we woke the phone call came in stating that the truck with bobcat would arrive within the hour.  Mad rush for showers, breakfast and child to school..Last day before Christmas Hols.

Excavations for the new shed are in progress, l have one very happy Hubby.
What a mess, you do not want the red dirt on your shoes.  It travels though the house and is very difficult to remove so lucky we have a NO shoes on in house policy.

Checking the levels was the easy part, like with most men they want to take just a little more off the top.  Ooooppps, we hit water.  That's right no water in the house all day...... have been promised we will have water in time to cook diner.

This little chap visits everyday and today he had more to feast on with the earth turned over he even found a plump witchetty grub.  Site Supervisor "Kooka"

Jen how are your Reno's going,. Would like to see any photo's you may have taken.

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  1. How annoying losing water for the day. Kooka is very cute. Bet he does a good job supervising!