Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Past & Present.

Here are some of the many creations that have been produced over the last 10 years of my quilting life, for Christmas because l do enjoy this time of the decorating the house with tinsel, lights and my favourite snow domes.

These are three patchwork blocks made up especial with Christmas in mind, my dearest Hubby made me the frames to suit. I am so very lucky to have so much support.

 Next is a quilt/wall hanging from a magazine l cannot remember which one, made it about 2007. Was so very pleased with the results..  Display it every year and always get great comments about it.
 Now this little one is very cute think l made this one in 2009 also found in a magazine. hangs around the house, off a door or cabinet.

The tree wall hanging was made some time ago when the children were very small, and we needed to replace our Christmas tree but couldn't make up our mind whether to go with a real tree or store bought so this did that year.  We went store and now this year we again have to decide for the future years as they arrive upon us.

The Bon Bons are the latest editions to the Christmas family box of decorations. They will also be given away to guess who arrive,filled with lollies/chocolates.

Hope you enjoyed my small show and tell.

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