Monday, October 3, 2011

Day out at the coast.

 Spent a few hours down at Surfers Paradise on the 23rd September, was great to be on the beach. The water was a tad cool, but was an enjoyable time.  Had lunch at one of the street Cafe's  with family. It has change since l was there last, always new buildings going up up up.
 Headed on to Greenbank Army Barracks, where one of our Sons was on Parade, after a week long camp for Cadets.  There were over 600 Cadets on the camp that week. They do a lot more than learn how to march. They form friendships that could last a life time, they learn how to be part of a team effort and how to problem solve.  Sleep out in tents with out Mum cleaning up after them. Spend a night or two camping out in the bush with out the comforts of the tent.  The chance to learn how to handle weapons with respect, was given to a few. Overall a great time was had.

Of course Mum was not forgotten, because when he step back in the house the next day, the washing was handed over. Whilst he went for a long need sleep. lol.

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