Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another UFO Completed.

Having a very good week on the machine, see what you can achieve when you stay home waiting for trades people to show up.
The biggest surprise was that they did show up, and on time.  Now don't faint, its true l tell you!!

This is an Amy Butler pattern l purchased early in the year and decided to get a start on it in June.   Cut it out between looking at house to buy.

Ran out of iron on interfacing, after a trip down to Spotlight where they also had run out.  Was a little down heartened.  Waited a few weeks for  stock to come in, then lost interest in the bag.  Like too  many things these days it was shelved.

After completing the Flutter-by bag  l was on a roll.  In between trades men arriving to quote on the new shed and extensions l sewed and was surprise how easy this bag came together.

The photo below shows the large inside pocket, there are two in the pattern, but l gave it another one for my Phone and Glasses case. Nothing worse than hearing the phone go off and fishing around in on oversize bag  trying to find the silly thing.

 The bag is HUGE, great for the beach, pool or over night stays at friends homes. The fabric range is Laurel Dots for Westminster fibres.  Considering l will be going to Brisbane Craft Show very soon, it will came in handy for any purchases. LOL.  I can keep spending until the bag over flows.   Maybe l need another one just in case......sound like a plan.

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