Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Saturday Drive

 Went for a drive on Saturday to view a property out at Crow's Nest. Thinking of a weekender for the boys to ride there bikes to their hearts content, alas it was not for us.  So we decided not to waste the trip, took the scenic route home.  Past Lake Perseverance, Lake Crestbrook both had plenty of water.  We were told by agent this is where people go boating, fishing and camping over the school breaks. Will have to find out more about......

 Continued to Ravensbourne where we came across this lovely picnic area.  Gus Beutels Lookout absolutely magnificent views.  Your see 180 degrees from Cunningham's Gap around to Esk and beyond.

Love these big old trees,  their branches reach out and give you a lot of shade coverage. They are huge in size and width. The root system is always so intriguing. Perfect place to spend a glorious Summers day with young children in this park like setting.

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