Wednesday, July 20, 2011


 Dalby a town about an hours dive west of Toowoomba. Took us a little longer as we were driven there by one of  the L drivers, thanks to the 120 hours No 3 Son needs to obtain.  Problem is we are doing 240 hours as we have two L Plate Drivers. When we finish we start all over again with No 4 Son.  Lucky us.  Ha ha ha ha!
Upon arriving safely which was not true for others ahead of us, we visited the tourist information centre and took the tourist drive and continued to rack up some more hours of driving around the town.  After having a good look around town and taking a break before heading home. We sat around the park soaking up the suns rays.  At the information centre in town they have these puzzle pieces attached to the walls of the different industry's around the region. Sheep, Wheat, Cotton, Wine and Mining. Great to get out and see the other towns in the area that make up the Toowoomba region.

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