Thursday, June 23, 2011

Drive to Warwick.

 Hi there in blog world, today DH and l decided to venture out and take a leisurely drive down to Warwick only an hour from Toowoomba. Which of course took us two.  As Hubby likes to see what is up this road and down that one, then asks where are we? can you get out the map. But l knew that would happen so l was ready this time. Only taken me 20years. lol.  We arrived at Glenrose patchwork shop which is a lovely property just outside of Warwick. It is in a private house with a shop attached. There are lovely  B&B Cottages set amoungst the beautiful grounds.  Could spend another two hours looking and touching all the glorious fabrics a must see if you are every up this way. Many products for sale with a sewing thyme.  Pin cushions, scissors, wine bottle holders, bags, quilts, and loads of patterns and many different and varied fabric styles to choose from.  Soft and pretty, country and civil war and brights just about everyone would be covered. Very happy with the fabric l purchased, look forward to my next trip down to Warwick.

Making Christmas Bon Bons with this fabric should look great.

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