Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bus Trip To Beenleigh Quilt Show.

 Bus left Toowoomba Quilters club house at 8.30am on a very cold Friday morning.  Destination Beenleigh Quilt Show.  After an enjoyable bus trip which entertained all for the 2hour ride with many games and prizes.  This game was called Quilters Bingo, we also played Bus Pass the Parcel, How many buttons in the jar, how long is a piece of string etc.

 There were many quilt shop stores around to entice you into buying there wares.  Many with fabric patterns and even beads in the main building. I was like a bee to honey, for Joy Patches stand. So pretty and girlie.

 Met this wonderful lady Joy of Joy Patch Blog. Many of you will already know her. Very friendly & personable with her beautiful work on display. All her patterns were available to purchase.  I love her patterns.  Did a bit of Christmas shopping here for friends and self. Hehehehe!  Love your blog Joy.
Here are a couple of patterns l picked up for future projects.

 If you want a chance to win some lovely fabrics go across to Green Fairy Quilt blog and join in the fun!!!

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  1. Maddy it was terrific to meet you - so pleased you all had fun at the show :o). I can't wait to see your gawjus creations - you've got plenty to do there ;o).
    Joy ;o)