Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lucky Country.

Gympie Music Muster presents "SPIRIT OF THE COUNTRY" which was held on Sunday 20th March 2011.
Admission was allocated via ballot after fans registered their interest on the Internet, you could only gain entry  into the event by wearing an official wrist band which you needed to pick up prior to the day.  No wristband no entry.
 The weather was a bit on the gloomy side, with a touch of the wet stuff.  The car park was a field of mud, so we parked our car not knowing if we would be able to get out after the event was over.

Was well worth the effort, with the program consisting of the great names of country music:

 Over 25,000 attended.  Largest country get together ever in the history of country music, so we were told.

Catherine Britt , Shane Nicholson, James Blundell, Gina Jeffreys, Greame Connors, Adam Harvey,   Beccy Cole,         Troy Cassar Daley, Lee Kernaghan, Kassy Chambers
& John Williamson.


We manage to help others who's cars were stuck in the mud at the end of the night.  After finial reaching our car walking through mud up to our ankles which felt like our knees. No lights out in the car park either.
Cars sliding all over the place.
Will talk to the mayor about that tomorrow night at our meeting.

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  1. Sounds like you had a good time. Don't know about the mud bit though!