Friday, March 4, 2011

Chocolate Or Wine.

 Started this project last August at the NOTYQ annual Retreat.  Needed some hand work in case there were too many machines in use. Which of course there were. The pattern came from the book "Wrapped In Chocolate" by Janet Rowe of Wildcraft Farm.
  But  as l worked on these blocks, l had the opportunity to chat, laugh and general enjoy myself.   Some my say a little too much.  Then there was the wine at night to help you keep those stitches straight. Was not sure if l should use the light brown for light chocolate or the dark for the dark chocolate so l did both.
 Using this time to gain knowledge about embroidery, as l know not what l do.  Which are the best needles, threads extra, which chocolate goes well with that wine.  It took me the three day weekend to complete what you see here and l plan on having this quilt finished for Show and Tell this year.
That's right Simone V.  l will be back to keep you company.  I"II bring the Chocolates.


  1. They look gorgeous - from one who saw them under creation - and enjoyed the wine as well. Now go to bed it is after midnight - cheers Jennifer

  2. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you coming to retreat??? sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!