Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's growing in my garden.

Thought l would catch up on my news.  Have been trying our hand at gardening in pots since we cannot make a veggie patch here in this rental.  Looking so forward to growing our own veggie and fruit again.
 Here are our Capsicum seedlings, self sown.  Read about re-using old toilet roll holders to grow your seeds in and then you can re-plant the whole thing into the ground once the seedlings have taken. The cardboard then breaks down and helps to feed the plant as it does, plus holds the moisture in the soil. With the cost of Fruit & Veg going up it seems like good idea.
 Very happy with my Radishes, have been full of flavour and the boys like then too.  Adds that extra something to a salad.

 Snow peas who does not like these.  Great in stir-fry's, salads if l can stop the boys eating them of the vine.

 Strawberries have been ripening and we have had quite a few in our ice cream.  Yummy.
Hoping to have some success with the Watermelon  it has been about 8 weeks, it is only starting to flower now.   Going to try and grow a lemon tree in a very large pot. Any helpful hints.

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