Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Was inspired by your beautiful blogs today and thought l would try my hand at drawing..
 Gum Tree leaf on a branch, added a couple of nuts and wattle type flowers. Hope you can make it all out. Need more practice.

 Might take up drawing lessons, this year. Don't think l did too badly.  You never know what you can do if you put a pencil in your hand and start. Faces out of a book.
 Doodling flowers for a girl friends present, later in the year.


  1. This is a talent you've hidden from us Madeline!

  2. Just a thought whilst l am waiting to move into larger accommodation. As l have no room to set up my machine among the boxes. Thank you Anita for the sketch book.

  3. wow! you definately should keep up the drawing and take some classes, i want an original on my wall!!!

  4. You did wonderful sketching here, Madeline. I have seen a sketchbook challenge around the blogs and been tempted to have a try. The ones I have seen are very inspiring as yours are. You should go for it. Dianne.

  5. Madeline, thanks for stopping by my blog post about Anita! I can see you have a gift for sketching, enjoy it and keep going!!!

    ~ Violet

  6. Madeline,
    the drawings look good, I think that drawing class would be a good thing to develop the talent you have. And it would get you out of the house.
    Make them eat at the breaky bar and de-stress 6 weeks of rain and floods is enough to drive anyone aroung the bend.