Thursday, December 15, 2011

Silly Season.

 Silly season in upon our household, what was to be a quite night out looking at the Toowoomba Christmas lights turns in to a circus for our teenage children. Believe me they are no Angels. Obviously they like to act the fool and sing Christmas carols as people pass by.  Their audience joining in on occasions.
My youngest is excited about our up and coming trip to the Great Barrier Reef and his Chartered  fishing trip.  This will be our last trip together as a family with our Children's life taking them in different directions.
How sad but also very exciting.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday Night Sew In.

Even though l did not get that much achieved l did enjoy the time to sit and sew, in not that much silence as the children's friends came over and some ended up sleeping the night.
But managed to get enough done to decide what l am going to make with these Hexagons.  Wait for it  they are going to find themselves on a cot quilt for my NZ. friends niece's new born. Due to arrive in two about 2 months, so l have plenty of time. lol.  Look forward to the next Friday Sit & Sew evening.

Friday, December 9, 2011

On the Home Front

 Didn't think it would happen, not at least before Christmas, things were looking doubtful.  Especially when the rain come and stayed for two days straight.

But early this morning before we woke the phone call came in stating that the truck with bobcat would arrive within the hour.  Mad rush for showers, breakfast and child to school..Last day before Christmas Hols.

Excavations for the new shed are in progress, l have one very happy Hubby.
What a mess, you do not want the red dirt on your shoes.  It travels though the house and is very difficult to remove so lucky we have a NO shoes on in house policy.

Checking the levels was the easy part, like with most men they want to take just a little more off the top.  Ooooppps, we hit water.  That's right no water in the house all day...... have been promised we will have water in time to cook diner.

This little chap visits everyday and today he had more to feast on with the earth turned over he even found a plump witchetty grub.  Site Supervisor "Kooka"

Jen how are your Reno's going,. Would like to see any photo's you may have taken.

Christmas Past & Present.

Here are some of the many creations that have been produced over the last 10 years of my quilting life, for Christmas because l do enjoy this time of the decorating the house with tinsel, lights and my favourite snow domes.

These are three patchwork blocks made up especial with Christmas in mind, my dearest Hubby made me the frames to suit. I am so very lucky to have so much support.

 Next is a quilt/wall hanging from a magazine l cannot remember which one, made it about 2007. Was so very pleased with the results..  Display it every year and always get great comments about it.
 Now this little one is very cute think l made this one in 2009 also found in a magazine. hangs around the house, off a door or cabinet.

The tree wall hanging was made some time ago when the children were very small, and we needed to replace our Christmas tree but couldn't make up our mind whether to go with a real tree or store bought so this did that year.  We went store and now this year we again have to decide for the future years as they arrive upon us.

The Bon Bons are the latest editions to the Christmas family box of decorations. They will also be given away to guess who arrive,filled with lollies/chocolates.

Hope you enjoyed my small show and tell.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chain Piecing.

 New meaning to Chain piecing.

 I purchase this template at the Brisbane Craft and Quilting expo.

 Have not had the opportunity to use until now. Took a couple of minutes to get the hang of what to do...... there is a fare amount of pressing......before you can start.

 Once you have the fabric organised you can start  takes a short while to cut out and you guessed it more ironing.... this time you are trying to get the cresses out of the fabric.
Then it is time to open out and iron the links open. Make sure you do not cut the end link to close to the end of your fabric, as you need room to flip last link out and have room to sew 1/4"inch.

Now it is time to audition your third fabric to enhance your creation. This is your background fabric.

 The template is great for  boarders on a quilt or individual blocks.  I have made a table runner for the Christmas table.

If interested in other templates you can contact       Flip la K.  or

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dare to Dream

You can buy these words from your local craft stores. Paint the colour of your choice or leave plain,  decorate as you like.   l chose sequence, but you could add fairy dust (glitter) to the paint or  whilst waiting for the paint to dry add glitter,beads etc. A small but messy project to do with your children.  Hang them in your children's rooms or about the house.
I  heard that they now add these to your wedding  tables for decoration. Thought  it would also work for Xmas parties, engagements, ideas are endless.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Graduation & Formal

That time of  life when the young get to dress up and head off for some long needed fun!  Before settling down into the world of work and further education. How the grow from that tiny little bundle you first bring home from hospital, into young adults. My second son heading off to his formal with his lovely friend. They look wonderful.

 Whilst the Gold Coast is filling up with our youth from all over Oz most here in Queensland are taking a more relaxed approach to the end of year events.  Going on overseas trips or to the Whitsunday.
 Schools over Queensland had specially arrange trips to the theme parks with their friends.  Most saying there is no need to go to drunk'n beach parties. More power to them.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Laundry Pictures Wall Hanging.

Time out for some fun!

Purchased this fabric at the Brisbane Quilt and Craft Show. As soon as l saw the fabric l new what project l had in mind.  To me the fabric looked like Soap Suds flying around just perfect for the Laundry or Bath room wall.  I went to the local Sams warehouse and got myself some canvases. All l needed to do was cover the canvases with the fabric of choice. Fast easy and very affective.   Will be trying another project soon for the bedroom wall as a behead.

Friday, November 11, 2011

More bags.

 Ruler cover is a great idea for that different Birthday or Christmas gift. Fantastic way of protecting you purchased and expensive  rulers. Makes taking them to classes safer also. Fits ruler 24 x 61/2" inch with extra pocket inside to also fit your 6 x 6"inch rule 5 x 5 0r 4 x 4' inch rulers.

The Casserole carrier is always a gift that is appreciated for those dinner parties.  Keeps you food safe whilst travelling in the car.
Special gift for a lucky girl, who happens to be going out with one of my gawjus sons.  I had to go out and purchase more fabric, poor me.  This is not a colour l feel comfortable with but l think it will be fine.

Update : I have now made (6) that's right six of these bags, think l will have to make the pattern into a template as it is getting a very good work out. lol.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Three Bags Made For Christmas.

 These are the Three Amy Butler bags which l have completed for my three beautiful Brisbane nieces for Christmas this year.   Each will have her own beach /overnight bag.

 This first one is for the youngest it is pretty and girlie without being over the top. Fabric was purchased at The Quilters Angel out in Highfields North of Toowoomba and suits her personality.

 The next one is for the middle child, as you may be able to tell by the fabric she is a little bit out there. Full of dickens and great to be around.

The Third is for the eldest who leads and works hard, but has control and  maturity.   Am excited to see their  faces on the day l hand them over.

May need to make a fourth one as number one nephew is returning from New Zealand with family in tow.  I think new niece in-law deserves one also.

The fabric for this bag was purchased at Spotlight Toowoomba.  Is perfect for this lovely young lady.

Have been asked by #2 son to make one for girl friend also.  I think l can manage that quite easily. She is a lovely young woman,  just starting  out in her career in  nursing.  They grow up so quick.......

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Bag

Made this new bag today, am planning on making three in all for my teenage nieces here in Queensland.  They have very different personalities, so the bags will reflect that with the differences in fabric choices.  This Amy Butler bag pattern is very easy to make up. The fabric is Central Park from Moda.  Beautiful range of fabrics, soft yet not over the top girlie.  Love the over sized flowers. Again l added the extra pockets because of the size of the bag. :}

Friday, October 14, 2011

Spooky Tree

This is my Spooky Tree for my Halloween wall hanging /Quilt.  Needed a Spooky looking tree and was given inspiration from another, great work of art from my good friend Jennifer, which is going to work out just fine.   The back ground was another quilt which l made, especially with this idea in mind.  The 1600 quilt so l am hoping it will all came together.  If you have any ideas l would love to hear them, you never know they just might end up in this quilt.  That would make it a bloggers round robin quilt. LOL.  Cats, Pumpkins Bats, Vines and wording such as BOO! Have already  come to mind.  This will be a  machine appliquéd project.  So will be interesting to see how it turns out.  
 Up dating my progress.
   Added cut out shapes to my wall hanging quilt, it is coming along very nicely l think.  Next is to and appliqué pieces and sew them in to place.  Has come together very quickly and l am very happy with the outcome.  

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another UFO Completed.

Having a very good week on the machine, see what you can achieve when you stay home waiting for trades people to show up.
The biggest surprise was that they did show up, and on time.  Now don't faint, its true l tell you!!

This is an Amy Butler pattern l purchased early in the year and decided to get a start on it in June.   Cut it out between looking at house to buy.

Ran out of iron on interfacing, after a trip down to Spotlight where they also had run out.  Was a little down heartened.  Waited a few weeks for  stock to come in, then lost interest in the bag.  Like too  many things these days it was shelved.

After completing the Flutter-by bag  l was on a roll.  In between trades men arriving to quote on the new shed and extensions l sewed and was surprise how easy this bag came together.

The photo below shows the large inside pocket, there are two in the pattern, but l gave it another one for my Phone and Glasses case. Nothing worse than hearing the phone go off and fishing around in on oversize bag  trying to find the silly thing.

 The bag is HUGE, great for the beach, pool or over night stays at friends homes. The fabric range is Laurel Dots for Westminster fibres.  Considering l will be going to Brisbane Craft Show very soon, it will came in handy for any purchases. LOL.  I can keep spending until the bag over flows.   Maybe l need another one just in case......sound like a plan.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Butterfly Bag Complete

You may say about time... started this project back in May and got way layed.... as we sometimes do, but don't worry l finally finished the beautiful Flutter-By Bag designed by Val Laird.  This bag was for one of my nieces birthdays but now she will receive it for Christmas.  Enjoyed making the bag and learning along the way how to add sequence.  Did have a little hiccup buying the plastic tubing for the handles at Bunnings.   Machine did not like sewing through the tubing.  Very happy with the finished product.
I know little Teoni will just love the bag.  Her mother will have to now put sequence on her shoes & hair pieces to match.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Next Project

 If you read the previous post l need space to lay out my next Patchwork creation.  Well here it is an old favourite of many quilters, the Dresden Plate.  Making it from a Bali Pop that l purchase in Melbourne whilst on retreat this year.  Always wanted to make one, but unsure which method l should try. So when l was recently at the  Toowoomba Quilt show, l scanned the stores for ideas and came across Busy Fingers and the paper piecing method sounded the better way to go.  After making my purchases and heading home. l had to put things on hold for several hours to finish another project place in my path.  After tracing around the template for many hours and cutting for even more hours, l was finally able to place my pieces on the floor to view what l was going to be working with.  After a while l came up with the colour combination l am happy with.  This is a project to be taken to quilting each week, where l can hand sew it and watch it grow into a beautiful quilt .....or if l tire a table runner.....   lol.

Scout Poncho

This Scout Poncho came about after many many years of collecting scout associated badges. Many many years of nagging from DH, DS3. Both came up with the idea that Mum could make this Poncho blanket.   They moved  things along by buying a small blanket, from Sams Warehouse.  Trying to get me motivated, still meeting much resistance from me.  As l have no time to sew on badges due to my constant quilting obligation and on going imagination in patchwork.  So determined  were they that they placed the blanket on the dining room floor, with badges spaced and pinned on waiting for me to tire, which l eventually did.  It took me several hours to sew them on. Lets pray that they don't earn any more badges.
I needed the space to lay out  my next quilting creation.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Whats in a Name" ???

Was just over checking out Joy's blog where there was a very interesting question being asked,."What's in a Name" and instructed to go to Dawn's blog, "Sweet as Cinnamon" . There was discussion about the reason we choose the blog names we have, maybe they describe our personality, hobbies,etc.   ....Sounded like a lot of fun and l do enjoy a good laugh.
 The name for my blog came about because we now live in  Toowoomba (2x Woomba).
Hence the name'Woomba Woomba"   
Hope this makes sense to you all.
They also stated there may be a prize in it.   You know l cannot resists a freebie, not that l am lucky enough to win.  But you gottta be in it to win it.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Present The Present In The Present.

Hope this heading is not to confusing.....but would like to share a gift l have sent off, to a friend for her b'day.  The mail from here takes about 4 days so hopefully it should have arrived. I couldn't wait to post about it.
It took me sometime to decide what to make....  In case you have no idea what it will be it is a Bolster for her bed....needs to be now no funny comments....LOL.

Made from a pattern from The Rivendale Collection by Sally Giblin " A Thing Of Beauty"  also sent of a bag pattern, a  pre printed panel for a table runner.
A lovely little flower brooch  purchased from the Toowoomba Quilt Show, which was made by one of the members.  I am not an embroiderer..... so please no stitch police.