Sunday, December 26, 2010

K K gifts from girls.

I received three beautiful birds which will not need any extra attention.  No 3 son saw me looking at them in a shop and quickly bought them without my knowledge (Nice surprise).

Now l know you other ladies have not yet received your KK Gifts but l am going to share mine with you early.  I have once again been spoilt with your generosity two lovely fabrics which are going to challenge me.   I have been patting them to see what comes to mind.  Also a gift certificate to Country Quilts Co in Ipswich, going to check out there site. You are to generous for words.  Thank you my KK. Simone V.     You did all proud.   Maybe l might have something to show you at the retreat.    If all goes well.     I am looking forward to see what each and everyone receives after your dinner out in January.    

Christmas Light In Toowoomba.

 Or thou it was slightly wet on Christmas eve we braved the weather to view the wonderful light display at Queens Park in Toowoomba.
   What would Christmas be without the Tree.
 The true meaning of Christmas some how always takes second place to what is popular.
 We all seem to enjoy the bright lights and glitz that the commercial side of Christmas shows.

Fantastic display of lights and the Children enjoyed them even if we were wet and needed warm cups of hot Chocolate upon our return home.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Welcome Friends

 You will find a sign like this on my home once we find one.  Have seen many different houses in the past few weeks.  From very modern new to needed help.  We have decided we would like to say in town rather than having to drive everywhere. Most people we have met have been friendly.Found Doctors, Dentists, Shopping centres etc.
 Would this make a good quilt store outside town, needs a little paint. Maybe a coffee shop also, because it's way of the beaten track.   LOL.
 Now here is the view from The Village Green, have signed up for the Girls Stitch In, which is held in March with special guests Sue Daley (Patchwork with Busy Fingers) and Linda Blake (Bella Embroidery). Also  Stitches Dream Day Out in September, special guests are Natalie Ross (In stitches) Julie Lovell ( Calico Farm Designs) Libby Richardson (Art Small Craft Cottage) Should be fun. Will get to meet more people and get some sewing done.

 New meaning to eating out doors. There is a group of six shops in Highfields close to and across from The Village Green selling gift ware and country crafts and furniture.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Cooby Dam

Got out and about today, went for a drive to the Cooby Dam.  It is one of the Dams that  supply water to Toowoomba.  Tiny compared to Melbourne's water source.

                                                                  Photo from dam wall.

Touch of Christmas

                      Xmas Plum Puddings Wall Hanging Quilt. Pattern from a Quilting Magazine.
                       Love my Xmas Reindeer. Has he been a bad boy, sitting in the corner.

Thought it would not be a Christmas without a touch of  Christmas spirit.  So we hunted out the Christmas decorations.  We will be having Christmas at Andrew's Sisters home in Brisbane, this year.  Should be a great family celebration. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL.

Friday, December 17, 2010

If you don't like the weather wait 5 mins.

I have never seen such a sight. It has rained for three week now.  We seem to get small breaks in the weather, so you hang out your washing, only to turn around and run out in the rain to retrieve what you can before it is to late.  Storms came over so quickly,  and stop just as fast.  They say in Melbourne if you don't like the weather wait 5 mins.  Toowoomba is a close second at the moment, hot, muggy, wet, windy foggy mist.   Feel sorry for the dog outside, lying around soaking up some rays, then drench and hiding away in kennel.

Friday, December 10, 2010

New lifestyle.

A view you can never tire of.

Andrew taking time out to enjoy the view. We just love going up to Picnic point and sitting looking out at the view.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Village Green

Picture of the other stores at the village green.
The long awaited pattern. My nieces are going to love this one.
Gift store filled with wonderful treasures.
The Quilting Angel patchwork store. If the day had been better weather wise l would have taken a photo of the fantastic view from here.

Today was very interesting, Andrew decided we needed time out of the house with a short break from unpacking and re-packing other boxes. Has been raining non stop until today we were given a two hour window were we had only drizzle. We drove out to Highfields to visit The Village Green for a coffee and looked around at the shops. Of course l had to go into the Quilting Angel patchwork store. Made my small purchase of a pattern from the Janelle Wind collection ( frilly dilly bag), which l have been wanting to purchase for some time now.
I was like a child in a candy store. Now l will be able to make many bags of different colour combinations for my nieces. My sewing machines are still packed away for now. Will post photos later once l have uploaded them on to the computer. Drove up to picnic point and took in the fantastic view. Then we met up with the real estate agent to view a couple of properties.
Wishing everyone at North 0f the Yarra Quilters a wonderful Christmas break up, safe and happy holidays. Sound like you have been busy with your Birthday meeting also.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Adventure Begins.

Cicade hope the spelling is correct. Great plant we have a number of these around the garden.
The entry to our temp home.
Well we are finally back on line. We have arrived and starting to unpack the essentials. The house hunt is back on. The rental is very nice but not large enough for all our belongings. Landed here on Friday 26th Nov, our furniture arrived on the Monday 29th, so we camped out at the house over the weekend with no beds. Lucky Hubby's sister offered to put up his tools out at there block. Will free up the garage. Has been raining constantly for 7 days now. Looked like it might have eased off today but not to be. Finding our way around shops, schools, entertainment. When the weather clears we are planing our first day/weekend trip. Cannot wait to take the boys to Fraser Island.