Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wet & Wild.

London Bridge down at Portsea. Was a fantastic day for taking photos. So cold,wet and windy. Looking out to Bass Strait.
New and improved Rosebud pier. Looks great.

This was a wet and windy day down to the Peninsula beach of Rosebud. No 4 Son trying not to be blown off the Jetty.

Why they dredged the Bay.

The waves after the Ship has passed, coming into shore. When the waves hit the shore young children are swamped, coursing parents scrambling to pick up their crying frighten off spring. These are suppose to be family friendly beaches

They dredge the bay to allow these MONSTERS entry into the bay. They are HUGE and it is like a highway out there now. It is not uncommon to see three or four of these passing in and out of the Bay at any one time. Talk about the ruin of the Bay and Beaches. Tourism will drop and the bay side area will become like any other suburb. Who wants to sit and have a relaxing day out enjoying the view, when your children are playing in the water that will become even more polluted. Then one of these ships go on by at regular intervals.

Around the Bay

I was down on the Peninsula this weekend, busy with a garage sale.

So we can prepare the house for sale. We are as ready as we can be, to go now.
Any ways we took a drive up to the Arthurs seat lookout. Here is the view back towards Rosebud. Will miss this once we sell. But looking forward to a new and exciting adventure.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Casserole Carry Bag.

Now l can add the b'day gift for a friend, who is also a blogger. Made for her special day. She likes chickens hence the chicken fabric, that DH also likes so now l need to make one for him/us. Hope Christine gets years of enjoyment out of this gift, with her friends and family. I did tidy up all the threads before handing it over.

Have been busy making gifts for Christmas and thought, l have not made one of these Casserole carry bags for a while. Also it is fun playing with fabric trying to match people you know to certain fabrics or styles. This one could go to a number of my friends but, it is for a very special person who may find it in their christmas stocking.

Egg and Bacon Pie.

The boy has been cooking again and made this delicious Egg & Bacon Pie. Yummy.

Fat 1/4 bag Plus

Found this great fabric at Gayle's in Bayswater, Vic. Thought it would make a great craft bag and pin cushion plus a very small thimble bag/coin bag, for those quilt guild meetings. Always searching for a gold coin.

Spring has sprung.

As we all look around us here in Oz you can tell Spring is with us. Here in good ole Melbourne the weather has been great, plenty of rain has been put upon us and the gardens are loving the attention.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Photo of the month August.

This is a great photo of a Kookaburra in an old Gum tree at the bottom of our garden on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. They are always around if you cannot see them, you can hear one talking all day, especially this time of year.