Monday, July 26, 2010

Photo for the month of July.

See a new projects when l look at this photo.
Jennifer's hubby is having his 50th in three years, might have a wall hanging finished by then.

Elm Creeks Series.

Have managed to get this very popular series though our local library.Had to reserve them all because they are so very very very hard to come by off the shelf. Now l can sit down at the end of my day and relax once again with a good book.

Christmas Row by Row

Nice flowers, Orchids thought l would share.
Making a start on my Christmas Row by Row quilt/Wall hanging. We are going to make up a recipe on the NOTYQ Retreat in August. Don't know if l will finish it this year or next. But at least l have started, l enjoy this time of the year. "Christmas"

Look what l am up too.

Thought you may be interested in seeing what l am into at the moment. With Christmas just around the corner, l thought l would make a couple of Christmas sacks for all those nice gifts coming to a well behaved child, which are not mine. Niece/Nephew little ones. Always so exciting to see that larger than life smile on a child's face.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Traffic Jam.

Yes we even had ourselves a little inconvenience. Road works don't you just love them. Held us up for 15mins. Boys went bush for toilet break. Thought the got lost, no they were talking to other drives, asking their destinations. My boys will talk to anyone who will listen. So don't stand still or you will be there new best friend.


I love the fog, especially when l am inside warm and comfy.

Time to return home.

Parkes Large Telescope, "The Dish" and whispering wall
Fog soup
"The Big Guitar" Tamworth.

Thats right we had to return home. Decided to drive home in three days via the New England Hwy. Stopped first night a Tamworth at the big 4 caravan park, there was alot of fog the next morning as we set off. Second night at Forbes big 4 caravan park a bit disappointed. Had a nasty fall down the step of the cabin hurting my middle finger, on my right hand and left ankle. When you become older things ache more, need to go back to chiropractor after such a heavy fall. Sol dont like the concrete steps out of these cabins, they should all have decking with proper steps. Reported the incident to the office but because l said nothing was broken, they really were not interested. Should have to fill out an accident form.?????? Hope no one else gets hurt. Well home safe & sound now. Past quite a few quilt stores but was very good, as we have the retreat next month and need my funds for then.
Now thats all the blogging l have at the moment.

Day off.

The next few days we spent looking around at the local high schools, sight seeing and even had sometime for fun. Boys conned their parents into letting them go go-Karting.

Day spent viewing houses.

On the Monday we spent the day looking at houses, from 10am until 3.30pm. Very confusing but well worth the viewing. Still looking for our perfect home.

Next day.

Thats right the very next day we headed off again. More trucks, farm land, open spaces. Kept the boys busy with cloud watching for an hour. More DVDs, l spy and singing 99 bottles of beer on the wall. That kept them busy until lunch. Thank goodness they ate and drank so much that they slept for about 2 hours. Then of course they needed toilet stops and to stretch their legs.
Sorry about double photo. Still have my "L's"on this site.

Week away

Did you miss me. Have been away for a week, went to Toowoomba. We drove up from Melbourne in two days stopping along the way for lunch at Narrandera slept over at the John Oxleigh caravan park in Coonabarabran. (Would not recommend.) Which was of course a very long days drive. The two boys watched DVDs played game boys etc. They said were did all these trucks come from!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Just wanted to share.

The gum has beautiful colours in its bark it is a great specimen tall robust and healthy.

The second photo is of a magnificent view out from Toowoomba Qld (Picnic Point) to the East as the winter sun drops away to the West. Just had to share.