Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Last Song. (Movie)

If you intend to view this movie, l suggest you take along a small box of tissues.
Was fantastic, moving, independent characters, lessons to be learnt. Really good chic flick.
Sorry no photo's this time.
Of course Mother and l had our usual chocolate full cream milk with extra whip cream topped with choc flakes shake. I am beginning to think this is the real reason we attend the movies. Should have taken photo of milk shakes. LOL. Another great day was had by all. Looking forward to our next day out. There were only 5 of us in the cinema, felt like a private viewing. You should have been at the after party. LOL.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Shhhhh Secret.

Have already made gift for Simone V's Birthday. Think its the 29th April. Have time to make her a card, as she is known for making everyone else one of her original cards for their special day. Always looking for new ideas. Something out of the box. Will post photo after her special day. Just in case there are some loose lips out there. ha! ha! ha!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Penguin for the Island.

Made a penguin for the retreat at Philip Island, coming up very soon. Needs to be completed, he requires a hat to keep the sun off. Does he look happy to you all? Has been a very busy last few days. The challenge was to use the purple fabric anyway you like. After the Island retreat he may find himself a new home with one of Jennifer's little girls.

Night out for Dinner

Went out for dinner on Thursday night, 15th April with a group of friends from NOTYQ. We went to a Thai restruant in Diamond Creek called Narai. We had a lovely time, good food, great company and still had time to get a bit of sewing in once we arrived back at NOTYQ headquarters. lol.
Thank you ladies for a wonderful night out and all your thoughtful gifts and wishes.

Gifts made.

Made a gift for a friends daughter's B"day. The start of a fabric stash. Assorted fabric candy, good enough to eat, soak up the colours and make a scrappy quilt.

Two cot quilts made for Philip Island retreat.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Big 50.

Well by the time most of you read this l will be 50. I wanted this b'day to pass quietly but that was not to be. Hubby organize a dinner surprise party at restaurant so l couldn't back out. Met up with friends from the past and relatives l have not seen for sometime. Great night was had talking and laughing about the past, making plans for future trips and nights out. Great to catch up with everyone.


Guess what we were doing today.
Thats right looking at houses. The standard of home has dropped. The interest rate increase has had no or little impact on the market as yet, but not to worry as we have plenty of time.
Have interest in two properties at the moment but don't hold your breath. One in Warrandyte the other in Wonga Park.
Looks like we will build, something modern,on acreage.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Worn out.

Had a good 2 hours to explore Gayle's made my purchases and returned home happy and contented.

Today was a different story, went with mother to the movies at Donny.
Took the niece and nephew to see Nanny Mc Phee and the big bang. They are six year olds, needed a rest when l returned home, all the chatter and questions. I am so over that age.
Retreated into sewing room the rest of the arvo and made a cot quilt for Phillip Island.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Before l head off to Gayle's had to show off our nine year old pup. "KELLY".
Must pay her registration or Boys will not be happy with me again.

Getting creative early.

This morning l woke up very early and had to find something to do before everyone else woke. So l went out to my sewing room to muck about, when an early morning idea popped in my head. Now my latest project is just about finished except for handles and closure button. Have to go off now to Gayle B's. Such a shame not to finish. lol lol lol. This is my second Melly & Me bag in two months must try and fish out any ufo's to be completed. This is a great bag the size is good and comfy to wear.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Thought l would share with you what l have been working on over the break. Sitting back stitching whilst soaking up some rays.

Where the city meets country living.

We have been once again looking for properties this time down on the peninsula, Moorooduc/Mornington, 2.5 acres of country living but with the luxurious of city living.
There is still a lot of renovating/remodeling to be done on these properties. Landscaping and outdoor entertaining areas.

Week at beach house.

Welcome back. Spent a week at the beach house.
This was the first official date to start any burning off after the Summer period. Spent time watching hubby and son number 4 burning off garden waste, trimming trees, cut grass etc. Now we have bay glimpses from our balcony. I sat out in the sunshine sewing/reading/relaxing all day.
Drove down to Rye market, Rye Pier spotted the tall ship. Sorted out household goods for huge garage sale.