Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day out at Movies.

Thursday my mother and l went to the Movies. We went to the 11 o'clock showing of "Blind Side". Well worth the $19.
Don't want to tell you about the plot, in case your are going to see it for yourself. Will no doubt buy the DVD when it hit s the stores for my collection. Of course we had our usual chocolate milkshake with full cream and toppings, afterwards.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shutter Bug

Shutter Bug

Good Afternoon,

I went for a lovely drive today up to the Dandenongs in Victoria with a couple of wonderful friends.
Was picked up from home at 9.30am taken to collect another friend, then off on our travels. Our destination Mrs Martin's Quilt Store Monbulk.
Upon arrival we were greeted with a cheerful smile and a cup of coffee. Spent about an hour in the store exploring the shop.
Good selection of patterns, buttons,threads, quilts etc. We went to lunch and looked around the local shops in Tecoma were of course we found another Quilt shop.
Then we were off home. Had to be home in time for the children after school. Great day out ladies.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shutter Bug

Shutter Bug

Well today is Saturday and we went off House Hunting again. Did you know we have been looking for Six months now.

How hard is it to find a simple 4 bedroom home with study rumpus on at least 1 acre??????
Well the house l thought would final suite us was not to be, but after looking at five others, we may have found one that is very close to perfect for us.
Now we have to decide is it in the right area for us with schools, transport, shopping centers etc.
We have lived in this area before and move back to where we are currently living.
Or should we build this house in the are in which we would like to move.

Time to Ponder.