Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Welcome Friends

 You will find a sign like this on my home once we find one.  Have seen many different houses in the past few weeks.  From very modern new to needed help.  We have decided we would like to say in town rather than having to drive everywhere. Most people we have met have been friendly.Found Doctors, Dentists, Shopping centres etc.
 Would this make a good quilt store outside town, needs a little paint. Maybe a coffee shop also, because it's way of the beaten track.   LOL.
 Now here is the view from The Village Green, have signed up for the Girls Stitch In, which is held in March with special guests Sue Daley (Patchwork with Busy Fingers) and Linda Blake (Bella Embroidery). Also  Stitches Dream Day Out in September, special guests are Natalie Ross (In stitches) Julie Lovell ( Calico Farm Designs) Libby Richardson (Art Small Craft Cottage) Should be fun. Will get to meet more people and get some sewing done.

 New meaning to eating out doors. There is a group of six shops in Highfields close to and across from The Village Green selling gift ware and country crafts and furniture.

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  1. nice pics maddie! sounds like you are settling in to the new place..... hope you enjoy your stitch in