Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Adventure Begins.

Cicade hope the spelling is correct. Great plant we have a number of these around the garden.
The entry to our temp home.
Well we are finally back on line. We have arrived and starting to unpack the essentials. The house hunt is back on. The rental is very nice but not large enough for all our belongings. Landed here on Friday 26th Nov, our furniture arrived on the Monday 29th, so we camped out at the house over the weekend with no beds. Lucky Hubby's sister offered to put up his tools out at there block. Will free up the garage. Has been raining constantly for 7 days now. Looked like it might have eased off today but not to be. Finding our way around shops, schools, entertainment. When the weather clears we are planing our first day/weekend trip. Cannot wait to take the boys to Fraser Island.


  1. Hi Madeline. Hopefully it won't take too long to find somewhere bigger. How is life up there? We miss you at quilting. Maybe we'll have to have a mini retreat with you up North once you find somewhere bigger! lol Hugs, Christine

  2. Agree with Christine - also welcome back online - it doesn't feel as though you've gone so far, especially as you are getting the rain too. Make sure you find somewhere big enough for all of us :-) lol and a cheeky giggle. Jennifer