Sunday, October 3, 2010

Packing House.

Well l bet you cannot guess what we have been doing today. Besides bidding on ebay for boxes to pack and move. We won a bid for 25 boxes and came home with 30 plus packing paper and bubble wrap.

Then we placed a few items on a site called Gumtree, which we were told about. How great is the word of mouth. You post your adds for free with photos. It is like the trading post. GREAT site you should check it out, we came across 9 more boxes and packing paper and more bubble wrap all for FREE. But Andrew came home with 20 and more at the end of week.

Now in total we have about 80 boxes some of which we purchased earlier, sitting in my lounge room waiting to be filled.
Well l started filling them last night and have only packed 10 with kitchen ware and six the fabric and mags. Have a long way to go.

Take two-Grand Final.

Made this quilt a year ago, for no. 3 son. It is kept in his room, but not on Saturday this year.

What a game the best l have ever seen. Good ole COLLINGWOOD forever. Never been one to follow football, but it was great to view. My no. 3 Son is a supporter so how could l not, if only for one match. The others who live in the house on the opposite side of the room for the day.