Saturday, July 24, 2010

Time to return home.

Parkes Large Telescope, "The Dish" and whispering wall
Fog soup
"The Big Guitar" Tamworth.

Thats right we had to return home. Decided to drive home in three days via the New England Hwy. Stopped first night a Tamworth at the big 4 caravan park, there was alot of fog the next morning as we set off. Second night at Forbes big 4 caravan park a bit disappointed. Had a nasty fall down the step of the cabin hurting my middle finger, on my right hand and left ankle. When you become older things ache more, need to go back to chiropractor after such a heavy fall. Sol dont like the concrete steps out of these cabins, they should all have decking with proper steps. Reported the incident to the office but because l said nothing was broken, they really were not interested. Should have to fill out an accident form.?????? Hope no one else gets hurt. Well home safe & sound now. Past quite a few quilt stores but was very good, as we have the retreat next month and need my funds for then.
Now thats all the blogging l have at the moment.


  1. Maddie,
    Sorry to hear about your fall. We have a new porch and steps for just that reason. The old wood ones were getting too slippery. Hope it's not going to affect your sewing.

  2. hope that you are recovering from the fall... now the burning question is are you moving interstate???? im going to be very selfish here and say I hope not :)
    see you next week