Monday, June 12, 2017

Paris Bag For Elise.

Putting together a bag for my fourth son's girl friend Elise.

Adding my own personal details and touches.

Such as handles, pocket trim, internal pocket sizes, as original pockets too small.
Very time consuming working out measurements that would work.

Cutting each main fabric piece, lining and stiffening as well as interfacing for every piece, pressing,  trimming plus setting out and remeasuring. Top stitching and of course adding zips.
Coming together very nicely.   Bit bulking with the foam interfacing but manageable.
Think these extra details make the bag look less home made. Added extra hard wear to give bag shape.
 This would be the bag without hard wear and is still a nice bag, but the younger crowd like anything home made to look more shop bought.
 The hard wear also assists when bag is open to sort through your many and varied items kept
within.  Beautiful new bag ready for Elise.


  1. Just having a catch up on your Blog
    You have been making some lovelies xx

    1. Thank you for dropping in, will try to post more often.

  2. The bag is gorgeous and there is a lot of sewing when it comes to making them.