Thursday, November 24, 2016

Hippy Van 21st Gift.

 It has been a while since l first started this project (2 years).   Lachie is a Hippy at heart mad on anything to do with Kombi's especial 1960's split screen.  
Was planing a landscape quilt but began to overthink how l was going to accomplish this task.
So instead decided to make a pillow/cushion cover for his bed and come up with another quilt, in time.
Maybe a New York Beauty, as that quilt reminds me of tie-dye.
Has finally been quilted by the very talented  Bev Mc Clune.  Has added depth, cushioning and interest.    Pillows can easily be remove for washing.  Used a body pillow from k-mart.

Only 5 month late, not bad.

I am sure he is going to love it as he did have some input.
He will take ownership on Friday when he returns from Sydney.

Now for son No.4's quilt only 2 years.


  1. Hi Maddy wow i love this ,he will be so excited,its awesome .

    1. Thank you. l am sure he is going to flip out.

  2. That is great idea for a male. It will be treasured I am sure.