Thursday, August 25, 2016

Painting Project.

 Hubby and l purchased this old bed from a local sale site. We needed a spare bed for another house we had recently purchased.
I had spent weeks looking for a queen size bed frame only to be told by dear hubby that a queen will not fit the space with bed side tables.
So as l said prior came across this frame and only asking $80. but required a lot of work and to my surprise when we went to have a look, the lady was in the process of moving out and said we could take it for free. "BONUS".
 Hubby cleaned, sanded and purchased the paint for me to paint as he dislikes painting.  So today l spent 2 hours putting on the under coat only two more coats of paint to go.
Now l understand why hubby dislikes painting.

Not one drop of paint on me or my clothes.

Plan on having the bed room made up for my visits, will be girly and pretty with my new quilt and Leanne Beasley wall quilt, (project not started as yet).

As this house is set up for my boys so that they do not have to travel to work and back from Brissy every day, ( 2 hours each way).  They are only 40 mins by train, 25 mins by car, depending on traffic.

Update: Putting the spare room together. Bed in place now to style the room.

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