Sunday, April 17, 2016

Great Day In Garden.

 Garden is coming together now hedge has formed and plants are adding some color. No longer do l see people walking by.
Transplanted some Mauve Cupea  as they were not getting enough sun, think they should do better now.
 Planted some more French Lavender as l have had great success with it  else where hoping it will make a great hedge along the shed/sewing retreat.
My buddy keeping an eye out for a bite of lunch. Isn't he just beautiful.

Cruise to New Caledonia.

 Great way to relax to do as much or as little as you want.
 Heading out of Brisbane on our way to New Caledonia 7 nights of cruising. Ship was really rocking as we left port.
 Arriving Noumea, past many sand banks and small island resorts along the way...sun setting on our first stop .
 Next was the very small island of Lifou isle. Favorite past time snorkeling with the sea turtles or looking at some amazing coral. Cost you $25. to go swimming. Or look at the local craft markets which are extremely cannot bring most of the products back to Australia.  Thought this guy would look awesome in my garden.
 Restaurant on the beach was not open this day in Noumea.

 Last day went to the Cascades Waterfalls at Port Villa. Full day of travel and exploring the island with our English speaking taxi driver costing us $80 for the whole day out with commentary.   Went into a village to see how the locals live etc.
Setting sun on last day of cruise. Looking forward to next one in PNG.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Aasha's Wedding Quilt.

It has been a while since my last post. Needed new computer and time to navigate my way around it.

Have been sorting out sewing room and decluttering house. Hubby become very ill and this triggered a lot of thoughts and work for us both to get ourselves more organized.

We have been away on another cruise together, making new friendships along the way. This time to New Caledonia. Planning our next get away making memories.

In May we are off to a very important Wedding  in Cairns. This quilt was made for Aasha and Noel, may they live happily ever after.
It was difficult to decide which fabric to use as Aasha likes pink and purples and Noel likes blues and black.

 Very happy with the quilting by Marjello Not sure if that is the correct spelling, Through Precious Times here in T'bar.

This queen size quilt, sits on my king size bed nicely.  Has been a pleasure to make.  But have fallen behind in the making of my 3rd Sons 21st quilt.
Haven't started and should've been completed ready for June 2016.  Having trouble with the concept, been over thinking it l am sure.

Maybe he will receive it next year only a year late but hopefully worth the wait. I only had 2 years to organize it where has the time gone.