Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cot Quilt.

This is what l have been doing with my Friday night and part of today... cutting, sewing preparing a new baby quilt, hope to have it completed in time for the new arrival. Due in three weeks.

 Purchased the kit in Melbourne from Gail B's after a very good friend and blogger Jennifer took me out on a much needed shopping trip.
 I will possibly back it with pink or brown Minkie still undecided.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Pram Blanket.

Another ufo sorted. Made this baby quilt top some time ago and never finished it for what ever reason. Always looking to add something fancy to it but never knowing what.  Will now have a new home and purpose.  
New pram blanket for Grandchild. Simple 5 1/2 inch blocks of green and white dots and checks. some flannel textured squares combined with cotton fabrics.
Minkie backing fabric for warmth and snuggle appeal.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Another Friday Night.

 Started my Friday with friends playing with Mod Podge.
Purchased my supplies from Spotlight. Craft paper, quick drying craft paint, brushes and Mod Podge. They were out of " O" so chose two X's and will return for " O" another day. This is my Kisses & Hugs project. That will sit among my family photo's.  
 Continued the rest of the afternoon and into the night with my hand stitching. Managed to get a fare bit done. Looking forward to putting another UFO to rest, in the near future.
Using variegated thread combined with gold and red.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

In The Post.

Have received my Mug Rug from my lovely Swap partner.
The theme was Winter
Isn't this just soo cute.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Blue Mountains (Katoomba)

 The amazing Blue Mountains at Katoomba NSW, Absolutely a high light of our trip.
 The Three Sisters unbelievably stunning. Changes as the sun hits it at different times on the day high lighting the colors in the rocks.
 Katoomba falls we took the 20 min walk to a viewing platform. Was a very warm day and l did not have the appropriate foot wear.
Upper  Cascade  falls just beautiful, cool water.
Scenic world is a great way to walk around on the forest floor.

South West Rocks.

 South West Rocks is a place l really enjoy visiting because of its ruins and history. The Goal was established in 1876 as an experimental public works goal where inmates would construct  the break water. Although work started in 1877 it was not completed until 1886. Due to severe storms and costs, only 300 metres of the 1500 metre break water was constructed.
The second wing of the goal was completed in 1900,  electric lights, kitchen, bake house, toilets and shower block were installed.  With the onset of the WW1. the goal was used as a German internment camp. (1915-1918). With no foreseeable future the goal was stripped of all movable buildings and materials in 1922, leaving the heritage listed ruins that remain today.
 Smoky Cape Light house. The light house was first proposed in 1886 for the safety of the increasing numbers of coastal traffic on the northern sea board NSW. and completed in 1891. Now offers B&B accommodation with amazing views.
 Glorious beaches surround the the area.
Horse shoe cove is a great beach for the families to enjoy.With caravan and camping grounds near by to enjoy a holiday by the sea.

Raspberry Hill Lookout.

 On our recent trip to Melbourne we came across this amazing lookout, Raspberry Hill where we enjoyed a quick stop.
 Raspberry lookout takes its name from the edible native raspberry, a low-growing thorny vine found in these forests. It is a world heritage area. This area has a rich history. It is part of the Gibraltar Range National Park, one of the oldest National Parks in NSW.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

On The Road Again...

On the road again... Off on a short trip to Melbourne via the coast and over a few mountains.

 Starting our journey from home to South West Rocks on the Northern New South Wales coast. Continuing down to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. Then on to Jindabyne & Mount Kosciuszko National Park. Heading towards the beautiful Bright and on to Melbourne where Sean and Rachel will be waiting for our arrival as we have there loot. Hoping to catch up with family and friends whilst away. Before heading back via Echuca, Dubbo Zoo, Parkes Telescope, Coonabarabran then home again. Only covering approximately 4,500 kms.

Don't worry ladies l have plenty of hand sewing packed.