Sunday, September 13, 2015

Miss Muffet (Tuffet)

 Was a very busy weekend of sewing. On Saturday l was booked into a Tuffet Class at Precious Time in Toowoomba, Queensland.
Don't have any earlier photo's as we were kept very busy from the start. Meeting the other ladies who l was spending the next two days with.
After receiving our packs it was go. Pressing, sorting and  sewing, sewing, sewing. From 9am until 6.30pm. Went home a exhausted early to bed .
Sunday up early and back to it. Second day started at 9am and finished at  2pm.
It was a day of construction, staples, glue and fussing about button coverage.
A more relaxed day for all. Once completed had time to take in our achievements.  
 .Touching and feeling the tuffets and sighing over the varieties and combinations of colors and designs.
Love the way they all come together. Of course you get your usually over achievers adding piping around there buttons and adding piping to their tuffets.  
You got to love them.  Me l was glad to go home with a finished project.  yah!

So tried l am going down for a nan nap.


  1. Your Tuffet looks fantastic, Maddy.

  2. The tuffet is marvelous! Love those over-achievers ;) Getting it fully done in just too days seems like a brilliant effort!

  3. The tuffet is just lovely
    Is there no end to your talents?

  4. They are lovely colours that you have used. The tuffet looks great.