Saturday, August 1, 2015

Mini Retreat Just For Me.

 Thought l might give myself a mini retreat as the girls in Melbourne are all off having fun on the NOTYQ's retreat.

This quilt is for my grandson Lochlan. Because that's the perks of being a Nanna. He is a typical 5 year old and loves cars, super heroes, Lego etc. Spider man being the favorite
Thought this stack slash quilt would do the trick for a couple of years .l am hoping.  Think the blocks have come together nicely so far.  Am thinking about sashing each block to expand the size of the quilt top. Then work a little magic on the boarders.

Block measurement started at 20 inches and after all the cutting and sewing back together, they have been squared up to 16 inches. Still a decent size.

My mini retreat has now come to an end as the washing needs doing. Everyone is home from work and they all need showers.which calculates into fresh towels.
Some progress has been made on the superhero quilt. Blocks sashed in red and added a piano key boarder.