Thursday, July 9, 2015

Winter Break

 Seventy mile beach is the main hwy for four wheel drive vehicles on the island. Light planes also share this space. You can not swim here as there are no life guards and you are on the ocean with its many rips.
 But you can swim in the many fresh water lakes and creeks. This is the beautiful lake McKenzie, crystal clear water. There are only turtles and small purple spotted fish  in the water which are harmless. The sand is white and so soft beneath your feet.
 The ship wreck "Maheno" on Fraser Island. It landed on Fraser Island back in 1935.  It was being towed back to Japan when it was hit by an unseasonal cyclone which bought it to it's finial resting place and has been there for the past 80 years.  

Stag ferns and elk ferns of massive proportions, found on the island which are not native to the Island. Central station was a logging camp where they cut down trees for boat building and pier construction among other things.

This is the second time l have been here in my life and each time l learn something new.


  1. i went to fraser island many years ago.... loved it, hope to return one day

  2. Looks like a great place to visit. Are you coming down for retreat this year?

  3. No retreat for me this year, but will be down Sept, Nov. My fathers 80th and Parents 60th wedding Anniversary.