Tuesday, February 17, 2015

South West Rocks.

 South West Rocks is a place l really enjoy visiting because of its ruins and history. The Goal was established in 1876 as an experimental public works goal where inmates would construct  the break water. Although work started in 1877 it was not completed until 1886. Due to severe storms and costs, only 300 metres of the 1500 metre break water was constructed.
The second wing of the goal was completed in 1900,  electric lights, kitchen, bake house, toilets and shower block were installed.  With the onset of the WW1. the goal was used as a German internment camp. (1915-1918). With no foreseeable future the goal was stripped of all movable buildings and materials in 1922, leaving the heritage listed ruins that remain today.
 Smoky Cape Light house. The light house was first proposed in 1886 for the safety of the increasing numbers of coastal traffic on the northern sea board NSW. and completed in 1891. Now offers B&B accommodation with amazing views.
 Glorious beaches surround the the area.
Horse shoe cove is a great beach for the families to enjoy.With caravan and camping grounds near by to enjoy a holiday by the sea.

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