Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas Stockings For Christmas.

 As everything l seem to do lately,  l start making someone a gift, then turns in to making many of the same gifts for others. Just wish l knew before l start. Then l could have an assembly line going.  The first three Christmas stockings were made for my new Grandchildren.

The next two are made for my nephews who live on the Mornington  Peninsular in Victoria. I have recently made outfits for their sisters.  So l thought it only fitting that they should also receive something in the mail.

This one was made for a friends Grandchild who also lives in Melbourne.  I am still waiting on pompoms or ric rac to complete the last four for the boys.

All six are pictured here before they are sent on there way. Hopefully before Christmas.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Quiet Night With Friends

 Quiet night sitting sewing watching television whilst electrical storm was in full force. The light show went on for hours, pity there was no real rain.
We desperately need rain here the grass is crunching beneath our feet.

Feel for the farmers out there trying to feed their stock. Nothing green to see here.

Any way l pulled out this project which l had forgotten l had.  Now that l have been reacquainted l am determined to complete, asap.       Hope you all got something started or completed.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ruby's Little Christmas Dress.

Little Miss Ruby will be receiving her new sun dress just in time for Christmas day. She will look adorable.
Made from left over fabric from Grace's dress.

The Pattern is a Kookaburra Design called Sunday Dress.

I found the dress to use quite a bit of  fabric.  l would tend to reduce the amount of gathering, it is a lot and makes the dress waist a tad bulky.  In the larger sizes.
But simple and easy to put together. As you can see from previous post you can add your own individual touches.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cruise New Zealand 4th Port.

Arrived Wellington  ready to go, walked into town from port about 15 mins.

This ball is hanging outside Information center. Can not remember the name or why it has been placed there. But looked really cool just the same.

Went to the Museum (Papa Museum of New Zealand) spent at least 1 hour there could have stay longer but we are on a time limit.

Despite the steep hills, the city can be explored on foot, Kelburn cable car, stairways and foot paths climb the slopes from the city center. We chose to ride the cable car to the top.   Looking out at this great view from the botanical gardens.

 Instead of returning by cable car we decide to walk through the gardens to the bottom at least 30-40 mins.  As long as you follow the red line.

As you can see by this beautiful plant below some flowers were beginning to come out to play in the sun.

The lushness of the ferns in the rain forest was exceptional. Looking down the cafe below.
The Bee Lady. 1994.

Alison Clouston (1957)

Displayed in the Civic Square as part of the Wellington International Festive of the Arts. The bee lady was donated to the city by an anonymous benefactor.  The bee lady was carved out of a eucalyptus (gumtree) that was blown down in a storm in the Blue Mountains (West Sydney).

The Parliament buildings crown a knoll near Lambton Quay. The 1922 Edwardian Parliament House and the 1897 neo-Gothic Library contrast with the Beehive - the Executive Wing. Which was opened by the Queen Elizabeth in 1977.

Even though we arrived to find that there were no tours of Parliament House, we were lucky enough to be there when the Speaker of the House was off to the Governors to be served with the warrants.

John Key and his party would be sworn back in the next day.

This made my Hubby's day.

Took a taxi to the top of Mt. Victoria.  As we needed to return back to the ship and running out of time once again.  Was a glorious view, pity we couldn't stay and soak it all in.

By the end of the day, l for one was glad to be driven back to the ship, as my feet and legs had been over walked this whole trip.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sundresses For Little Angels.

 Another Sundress for the lovely Grace, my youngest niece.  She is going to look so pretty in pink.

The next dress is for the beautiful Miss Abbey my Granddaughter. Thought l would make her a patchwork sundress. Think it turned out really good, l also fully lined this dress.

Used up some of  my 3.5 inch scrap squares, always looking for ways to reduce my stock.  The best thing about making your own clothes is that they are one of a kind....some of the fabrics used in this dress are scraps from previous dresses made for her, wonder if she will notice.

Only two more dresses to make by the end of next week.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sundress For Grace

Thought l would have a little play in my sewing room today.

Made this dress for my little niece Grace. I think it looks very summery.  Cut out a second one, will attempt to make it up on Friday night.  Pattern was purchased at the Quilting Angel last week.

Pattern is a Kookaburra Design.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Cruise New Zealand Port 3

 Napier Top Tastes Tour, remember this flyer. On every tour you seem to encounter a hiccup or two this was ours.  First we paid for a 3 hour tour, which would leave us with 2 hours at the end to look around town afterwards. Have a late lunch do some shopping etc.

My DH jokingly said to the driver upon hopping on the bus do we get a map, then said no need you know where we are going. hahaha!

Off we all went 30 people in the bus got a running commentary from the driver as we traveled along country roads, putting his interpretation of history.  That's right he was changing the history books as we went. We arrived at out first stop Cape Kidnappers all hoped off for a toilet stop  half hour into our trip.  Upon getting back on the bus he counted every one and said, lets get going. My hubby called out that two people were not on yet. Just as well he had taken note that the people opposite had not yet returned. With everyone now back on we continued our tour.

 The wine tasting next stop after a long scenic tour of more country side we arrived to view from the street the Craggy Range Winery photo stop only. (NO Taste). Was told they no longer do tastings. Wrong.
 Continued on we were heading up to the top of this mountain (Te mata peak) to view the whole area upon arriving at the gate were told that it had began to fog in and was now to dangerous to continue and would have to turn back. (No View)
At this rate we should arrive back an hour early.

 We drove into Hastings for city tour for yet another toilet stop.  We went to the strawberry farm. ( No Strawberries to taste). Drove straight past  Arataki Honey. (No Honey tasting). Silky Oaks Chocolate Factory. ( No Tasting).   Drove straight passed Mission Estate (Photo Stop).
Had a photo stop at the National Tobacco Company.  Thank goodness (No Tasting). hahaha. Historical building.  photo stop.
We arrived back an hour plus late had no time to look around town and get back to the ship before departing.  Tour took over 4 hours.
We were not happy so we went to cancel the next days tour which we had per paid for the following day in Wellington. After lengthy discussions we received a full refund for both tours.    Our bus driver had taken us on the wrong tour.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

FNWF. Productive Night.

Well had a productive night, manage to make not quite two Christmas stockings for the grandchildren. Have two more to go not sure who's name to put on the red and blue one. Is it suitable a fourteen year old or a four year old male. Will sort that one out later.
Thank you for the company last night really enjoyed catching up on all the gos. Catch you next time round. Don't forget to send me that recipe. lol.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Cruise New Zealand 2nd Port

 Arrived at Tauranga early morning and set out for Mount Maunganui, were told it would be a 10 min walk before the half a hour climb...well you would have to double anything you have been told. But off we went beautiful morning strolling along being passed by many early morning joggers.
Upon reaching the base of the mount we started our slow climb..stopping to take pictures and to have a drink.
 When we arrived at a fork in the path 20 mins stair climb OR 30 mins path climb more scenic route. We decided to take the scenic route. Some 50 mins later we arrived not quite at the top, and rested again constantly being  taunted by joggers. Who had passed us on there way up only to be returning back down.
 As we climbed the fog was slowly coming in making it harder to take good photos. When we finally arrive we could not get any pictures as the fog had settled in think and gloomy. We sat there waiting for it to lift for about 30 mins but did not.
 So off we set once again this time we descended the other side of the mount and manage to get a photo of the ship in port. Taking us only 40 mins to reach the base.
 Where we sat and sent emails home to the family. We had come across some crew members who told us where we could get free wifi signals.  Sitting on the beach watching the waves roll in we were again ready we thought to climb Hopukiore (Mt Drury) and visit Moturiki (Leisure Island) the blow hole.
It was then time to make our way back to the sea princess, again preparing to leave port for another night of entertainment and delicious food.
Tauranga  such a pretty place.
Our legs knees and everything hurt. LOL.

Cruise New Zealand 1st Port.

 Without trying to bore you all, l recently went on my first cruise.  I went on the Sea Princess to New Zealand with my husband (Andrew) had a fantastic time.
We arrived in Auckland our first port of call and decided to do our own thing at each port.  We did the Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour of the city a great way to see most places of interest.
First stop was Takaparawhau (Bastion Point) where we found the memorial to a family member on my mothers branch of the family tree.  Michael Joseph Savage, the first Australian Labor Prime minster of New Zealand.
Apparently a well liked member of parliament. Did not serve long due to ill health.

 This is the view back to Auckland from Bastion Point. was truly a beautiful place.
Another view back towards Auckland from an extinct Volcano... as NZ is made up of to many to count.
 The Sky Tower was another point of interest for us on this trip.being some 328 metres (over 1,076feet) Level 60 is the sky deck 220 metres. Level 53 The Sugar Club, Sky Jump, Sky Walk platform 194 metres Level 52 Orbit 360 Dining 190 metres. Level 51 Main Observation level 186 metres. Level 50 Sky Lounge Cafe 182 metres

Did you know the Sky Tower:
Took two years, nine months to build and cost NZ $85 million to construct.
Weighs 21 million kilograms.
Has 1,267 stairs leading from base of the sky tower to sky deck.

360 degree views across Auckland. There is our ship docked and waiting to collect all her passengers before leaving.
Some very brave or silly people having there adrenalin rush. Paying for the privilege of jumping off a perfectly good building.  Every 4-6 minutes another one would have a leap of faith in the name of fun/adventure...glad l could use the lift to return to the ground floor.
Full day of actives were enjoyed.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Back Soon...

Our main computer has passed on and we have the task of purchasing another. May take a while...having to reload everything we want to keep etc.

 Have sent off to my partner her Santa Sack with Goodies. Should arrive by weeks end.