Monday, October 6, 2014

Chicken Whispers!

 Lockie my new grand son loves animals, and is always chasing them around the yard. The chicken got more attention them it probably wanted. But Lockie thought it needed loving. He was carrying it around all afternoon and talking to it. Asking the chicken if it wanted a drink of cola or some cup cake as Lockie was all to willing to eat the icing off the tops and fed the rest to the chicken.
Did say that he could take the chicken home to the horrified look on my daughter-in-laws face. LOL.
My son told Lockie that their dog might eat it, so it would have to stay at Nans.

21st Celebrations

I know we all like to view the cakes, this is Sean's Triple mud cake absolutely delicious. So it just go to show you can have your cake and eat it too.  LOL.  Was a great afternoon with everyone enjoying the glorious weather and the celebrations.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

New Car

 This is our Brand New Isuzu Twin Cab 4X4 Ute. This time we invested in the Auto and upgraded.  Drives a whole lot better, not so much truck like.
It is grey in colour  but looks a very soft pale blue. Has a lot more extras which makes the boys happier. But they are threatening to put on another bull-bar, because of the Kangaroos out here.  Probably a good idea but it makes the car look and feel so big. Not so good at the local supermarket trying to park in those tiny spots. They need a section for 4x4 to park. LOL.


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

21 Year Old In The House

 I have a twenty one year old in my house. Son  No.2. Sean turned 21 today.  Yes it does seem like only yesterday.  Such a cute good nature child and has carried that trait with him through out his life.

Top  picture one shows the two older boys. Bryce & Sean enjoying a photo shoot.  Bryce has always been very protective of all his brothers.

Second picture shows Sean enjoying some water play time as he often did, would stay in the spa until his skin wrinkled. Bobbing around like a cork.
 This is my boy now, sorry about the picture a bit blurred as he doesn't like his picture taken any more so much easier to do when they are young.

Holding a family BBQ on  Sunday as he didn't want a big fuss. But will be having a trip O/S at a later date on us.  Such a cutie. But l am very bias.