Monday, July 28, 2014

Jazz & Jumpers

It will be a day of Jazz music and tree hugging Jumpers today in Warwick.  Every year for the past (10 )  years so l was told. The good people of Warwick hold their Jazz & Jumper festival. Today Hubby and l managed to sneak off  for some us time.  The boys having to deal with the logistics of work pick ups and activities with one car between them. Lol.

Most of the trees around the streets of Warwick are dressed in woolen knitted scarves and bits of wool each with its own theme. The main street of course being the most decorated.  Quite a sight to behold.  
At Leslie Park which is at the end of town they held the market and jazz events.  Only took pictures of some of the stalls too many to show.
Just love these crazy hats and the guy sell mats.
Plenty of jewelry to be sold, all sparking in the winter sunlight.
Just loved this felted wrap so colorful, l am sure there would have been a bag to match.
Bags, Scarves blowing gently in the slight breeze.

An amazing piece of knitted art. Certainly had everyone's attention.  Must take a wacky creative mind to think up some of these ideas. Was such a glorious day out the weather behaved accordingly.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Children & Bubbles

Is there ever a time when children or adults don' t enjoy blowing bubbles.

 Lochy watching his sister blowing bubbles, trying to get the idea.

Abbey showing us all that being a big sister sometimes has its benefits.

Abbey also displaying the apron and chefs hat outfit l made for her.

Abbey was fawning over what she had received and Lochy looked a little lost as to what did he get in this deal.  I told him he gets to eat all the cup cakes that Abbey makes. Then he gifted us with the biggest smile and we all laughed.
 Lochy now mastering the art of blowing bubbles.  By the end of there visit they were blowing bubbles everywhere.

Not the bests background to my pictures but before they arrived l was cutting off branches from a few over grown trees

Was a great interlude though.

Another Sewing Project

Finally cut out and photocopied  dress pattern for young girls dress. Purchased this great fabric from Precious Times here in T'bar.
Made this my Friday night project, still needs zipper and bow added but that's just a trip down to spotlight. Should look really cute when completely finished.   This dress will be heading down to Melbourne for my niece Grace.
Plan is to make at least one more for her sister Jessica, in a totally different color.

My Four Sons

These are my amazing four sons on Bryce's wedding day.

Great to finally have a picture of them all together other then when they were young children.
Left to Right:  Lachlan, Bryce, Hayden & Sean. Find it hard to believe that they are nearly all adults, seems like only yesterday...

Friday, July 18, 2014

Back To Real Sewing.

Have been away from real sewing for a few to many months, making the dresses for wedding party.  So glad my time is my time once again.  Have been a little lost over the past two weeks not knowing where to start. Do l finish off UFO's or SSS Projects. What a dilemma to have probably take me a while to settle back into a routine.
I decided SSS took precedence over everything else, because l have a commitment to my very special partner.    So many ideas maybe too many but l look forward to the challenge ahead.    Here are a couple of  glimpses of thing to come.  You know the procedure Ssshh... no telling.
Now to make the sack or stocking,
Glad to be back among like minded people.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bryce & Carmen's Wedding

 Bride and Groom both looked amazing. The day went off with out a hitch.  Everyone enjoyed themselves the partying went on well into the night.  Finally finishing with fireworks being set off at the local carnival,  which only added to the festivities at the wedding. 

 Bridesmaids and flower girls on one side Best Woman and Groomsman on the other.  Think they all look great in their finery.  Colors go very well together.

Dresses all came together in the end, shawls and fans looked great also.

Local lady Natasha made cake.  Natasha is starting up a cake business from home this is her first wedding cake. I think she made a beautiful cake.