Monday, November 10, 2014

Cruise New Zealand Port 3

 Napier Top Tastes Tour, remember this flyer. On every tour you seem to encounter a hiccup or two this was ours.  First we paid for a 3 hour tour, which would leave us with 2 hours at the end to look around town afterwards. Have a late lunch do some shopping etc.

My DH jokingly said to the driver upon hopping on the bus do we get a map, then said no need you know where we are going. hahaha!

Off we all went 30 people in the bus got a running commentary from the driver as we traveled along country roads, putting his interpretation of history.  That's right he was changing the history books as we went. We arrived at out first stop Cape Kidnappers all hoped off for a toilet stop  half hour into our trip.  Upon getting back on the bus he counted every one and said, lets get going. My hubby called out that two people were not on yet. Just as well he had taken note that the people opposite had not yet returned. With everyone now back on we continued our tour.

 The wine tasting next stop after a long scenic tour of more country side we arrived to view from the street the Craggy Range Winery photo stop only. (NO Taste). Was told they no longer do tastings. Wrong.
 Continued on we were heading up to the top of this mountain (Te mata peak) to view the whole area upon arriving at the gate were told that it had began to fog in and was now to dangerous to continue and would have to turn back. (No View)
At this rate we should arrive back an hour early.

 We drove into Hastings for city tour for yet another toilet stop.  We went to the strawberry farm. ( No Strawberries to taste). Drove straight past  Arataki Honey. (No Honey tasting). Silky Oaks Chocolate Factory. ( No Tasting).   Drove straight passed Mission Estate (Photo Stop).
Had a photo stop at the National Tobacco Company.  Thank goodness (No Tasting). hahaha. Historical building.  photo stop.
We arrived back an hour plus late had no time to look around town and get back to the ship before departing.  Tour took over 4 hours.
We were not happy so we went to cancel the next days tour which we had per paid for the following day in Wellington. After lengthy discussions we received a full refund for both tours.    Our bus driver had taken us on the wrong tour.


  1. I suppose you can laugh about it now but you must have been so annoyed, Maddy. Glad to hear you got a refund.

  2. What a shame Maddy. I really liked Napier with its Art Deco buildings. A good excuse for you to get back there. Sharyn:)

  3. Was really looking forward to seeing the Art Deco buildings was a shame to miss them.

  4. That was disappointing, it was good that you got a refund.