Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas Stockings For Christmas.

 As everything l seem to do lately,  l start making someone a gift, then turns in to making many of the same gifts for others. Just wish l knew before l start. Then l could have an assembly line going.  The first three Christmas stockings were made for my new Grandchildren.

The next two are made for my nephews who live on the Mornington  Peninsular in Victoria. I have recently made outfits for their sisters.  So l thought it only fitting that they should also receive something in the mail.

This one was made for a friends Grandchild who also lives in Melbourne.  I am still waiting on pompoms or ric rac to complete the last four for the boys.

All six are pictured here before they are sent on there way. Hopefully before Christmas.


  1. Hi Maddy they look great,the kids will love them,well done.xx

  2. I love the road fabric on the boys stockings...super cute.