Saturday, September 20, 2014

School Holidays Once Again

Time to catch up on what has been happening around town. The carnival of flowers is in full bloom again this year. Have a few quilts hanging at the teapot extravaganza this year.  Will be off to the quilt hangings, spinning demonstration, flower shows all around town.
Son no.4 is off to Longreach for 4 nights to attend the Longreach Pastoral College Taster a 15 hour bus trip...where he will have the opportunity to experience country life. Horse riding motor bikes rounding up cattle and sheep.   Enjoy all country life has to offer hard work and play. This may help him to decide his future employment opportunities or lifestyle.  Plus he will also earn himself another badge towards his queens scout awards.
 Love these blue tea pots.  The Orchids were absolutely beautiful this year..stripes and dots.

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